The K-12 Data Task Force was created by the 2013 Montana Legislature through the adoption of 20-7-104, MCA and 20-7-105, MCA.  The K-12 Data Task Force is comprised of legislators, school board members, educators, school administrators, school technology staff and parents.  The purpose of the K-12 Data Task Force is to advise and provide guidance to the Office of Public Instruction on the statewide K-12 data systems.

"The superintendent of public instruction shall continually work in consultation with the K-12 data task force provided for in 20-7-105  to analyze the best options for a statewide data system that will best enhance the ability of school districts to use data for the purposes identified in this section. Emphasis must be placed on developing or purchasing and customizing a statewide data system that promotes and preserves community ownership and local control and that incorporates innovative technologies available in the marketplace that may be in use and that are successfully working in other states. The office of public instruction and the K-12 data task force shall collaborate to enhance the statewide data...

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