Adult Basic Education

The State Director of Adult Basic Education (ABE) manages state adult education programs and funds, as well as federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act and Adult Basic Education programs. Adult education programs include basic literacy, workplace literacy, family literacy, preparation for HSE (High School Equivalency), English as a Second Language and other services that provide adults and out of school youth opportunities at enhancing skills, improving parenting, and assistance related to employment and self-sufficiency.

For more information regarding our Montana ABLE Program, please contact Katie Madsen, Adult Basic & Literacy Education Unit Manager at 406.444.4443 or email her at

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Montana State Approving Agency (SAA) Veterans Education


Proud to be a Veteran


The State Approving Agency (SAA) was established to ensure that Veterans or eligible dependents can use the GI Bill in an approved educational program. The primary function of the Montana SAA is to review, evaluate, and approve quality educational and training programs for Veterans' benefits.

Approved Programs

  • Institutions of higher learning—colleges and universities.
    • Montana University System, Private Colleges
  • Non-degree institutions—vocational and technical schools.
    • Outfitter/Guide Schools, Cosmetology, Commercial Driver’s License, Massage Therapy, etc.
  • Apprenticeship programs.
    • Electrician, Plumber, Diesel Mechanic, etc.
  • On-the-Job training programs.
    • Police Officer, Office Jobs
  • Flight schools

The Montana SAA reviews programs relative to the state's standards and laws in addition to the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) rules, regulations and other applicable laws. Programs are either approved or disapproved. Continuous supervision is required of approved programs. There are over 150 facilities currently approved in Montana for Veterans' educational benefits.


For more information regarding our Veterans Education Program, please contact John Stankowiak, Veterans Education Program Manager, at 406.444.4122 or email him at