Montana’s constitutional requirement and duly enacted policy require recognition of the distinct and unique cultural heritage of American Indians and a commitment in our educational goals to  preserve their cultural heritage. Every Montanan, whether Indian or non-Indian, should be encouraged to learn about the distinct and unique heritage of American Indians in a culturally responsive manner. The OPI Indian Education for All (IEFA) Unit works with districts, tribes, and other entities to ensure all schools have the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to honor the IEFA requirement and integrate it into their teaching materials and methods. 


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Working closely with Indian Education for All staff, we support schools in closing the achievement gap for American Indian students. We provide funding opportunities, and technical support and assistance that is unique to Montana and its American Indian Students. 

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System of Care Tribal Wraparound Project

Little Shell Tribe gains federal recognition December 20, 2019



Administrative support for both the Indian Education for All & Indian Student Achievement units is provided by: Joan Franke, Administrative Assistant, 406-444-3694