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Emergency Authorizations of Employment (EAE) for the 2023-24 school year should not be submitted at this time.

Please review ARM 10.57.107 that states the position must have been advertised at least statewide, far enough in advance to reasonably enable qualified applicants to submit applications and be interviewed.

The Office of Public Instruction will not begin reviewing EAE's for the 2023-24 school year until this summer. This means any applications that are submitted before that time will be closed with no action. Questions? Please contact cert@mt.gov or call 406-444-3150.

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We have updated our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might find your answer in our FAQs section, along with instructions and helpful links. Save time by clicking on the FAQs.



What Is My Application Status?

With TMT, you can check the status of your application at any time by logging into your educator record account. How do you know what to look for? Click the link to see more information.


2023 Renewals

If your license expires on 06/30/2023, you can now submit your renewal application. Can't remember when your license expires? Review the date your license expires through:

What do I need to know about renewing? Get more information regarding license renewals on our Renew License webpage.


MT Licenses Have a New Look! 

The OPI is no longer mailing licenses to educators. Once an application is complete and approved in the TMT system, an educator is able to print their license instantly! If you are currently employed by a Montana school district, this is the license you need to register with your local county superintendent. They are aware of the change and know what the new license looks like!


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here to help!

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Emergency Authorization of Employment applications will now be completed through the TeachMontana system. 

Resources:  ARM 10.57.107EAE GuidanceDistrict FAQ'sEAE Element Help

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If you need system support to submit your application through TMT, contact the support team at 866-455-1440, or use their Online Support Form.

If you have questions regarding licensure, contact the educator licensure team at 406-444-3150 during our phone hours: M-TH 12:00-4:30 MST.


All applications are accepted only electronically through the licensing system, Teach MT. Check out some of the benefits of using TMT:

Resource: TMT Brochure

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On May 12, 2022 the Board of Public Education adopted revisions to Chapter 57 Licensure. 

Resources: FAQ For ARM 10.57 Updates  New Licensure Information

OPI Staff are Here to Help: 


Technical Support for TMT:
Email: Online Support Form
Call: (866) 455-1440

Licensure Questions for OPI:
Email: cert@mt.gov
Call: (406) 444-3150
Phone Hours: M-TH 12:00-4:30

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