The Montana Office of Public Instruction School Tobacco Use Prevention and Education program provides technical assistance and resources to Montana school districts.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Expand and strengthen the capacity of local education agencies to prevent and reduce youth tobacco use in coordination with the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program
  • Provide technical assistance to public schools by promoting compliance with the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act and in the development of tobacco free school policies. 


OPI Staff are here to help:

Kris Minard, Program Specialist - Tobacco Use Prevention Education  406-444-0785

Meet the Coordinated School Health Team


Addressing Youth Tobacco Use With Restorative Practices

Montana Tobacco Free School Districts of Excellence

Montana Tobacco Free School Districts of Excellence (MTFSDE) List 

District Guide for Policy Assessment

Current Smoker Trend Data - Comprehensive Tobacco-free Policy has helped reduce youth smoking rates in Montana

Parent Resources

Tobacco Prevention Education Resources for Schools


Behind the Haze - A website for teens from Rescue Agency

Catch My Breath E-Cigarette and JUUL Prevention  CATCH and CVS Health Foundation

Be Vape Free: Just the Facts Virtual Field Trip  20 minute vaping prevention video     

Current Tobacco Trends and Impacts on Montana Youth - OPI Learning Hub

E-Cigarettes: An Overview of Key Issues Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Electronic Cigarettes - What's the Bottom Line? - Centers for Disease Control

How Nicotine Affects the Teen Brain - From the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  and Scholastic

     Sholastic Interactive: The Dangers of Vaping

Is it worth it? - National Association of School Nurses Classroom Poster   Student Toolkit 

Real Cost - FDA media campaign to prevent youth tobacco use

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit  - Stanford Medicine

     Healthy Futures - Alternative to Suspension (Stanford)

     You and Me, Together Vape-Free Curriculum (Stanford)  Middle School and High School

 Vaping & E-Cigarettes: A Toolkit For Working With Youth

Vaping Prevention and Education - Resources for Talking With Students (FDA)

Vaping Know the Truth  Truth Initiative

Cigarettes, Smokeless Tobacco, & Cigars

Get Smart About Tobacco Grades 3-5Grades 6-7   Scholastic/CVS

HECAT:Module T  Tobacco Use Prevention Curriculum Assessment Tool

Indian Education for All - Model Lesson Plan for Teaching About Uses of Tobacco

Integrating Art to Reduce Student Tobacco Use - OPI Teacher Learning Hub Course 

Real Cost - FDA media campaign to prevent youth tobacco use

Tobacco Prevention Toolkit  Stanford Medicine

Alternatives to Suspension

Healthy Futures Alternative to Suspension Curriculum  Stanford Medicine

     My Healthy Future - Online, self-paced alternative to suspension designed to be completed independently by students in 40-60 minutes.

     Our Healthy Futures - Two or four hour alternative to suspension courses requiring a facilitator.

INDEPTH Alternative to Suspension Program  American Lung Association

Free Posters and Coloring Pages

Free Posters - Tobacco Use Prevention Posters from the FDA

Coloring Pages for Classrooms

Tobacco Use Prevention Partners

Youth Resources for Quitting

My Life, My Quit - Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program

This is Quitting- Truth Initiative 

Smokefree Teen -  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

NOT For Me - American Lung Association

Youth Tobacco Use Data