The 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide funds to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and community-based organizations through a competitive grant process. Awards must be for $50,000 or more and will be 5 years in duration. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide opportunities for academic enrichment during non-school hours (before-school, after-school and summer) in a community learning center environment. Services reinforce and complement regular academic programs and offer literacy and educational development to students and families.  

  • Michelle CuseyProgram Manager,  406.444.3519
  • Amanda Domino, Data Control Specialist, 406.444.1964 , FAX: 406.444.2955
  • Holly Mook, Coordinated School Health Unit Manager, 406.444.0773



2019 Grant Application Information

Competitive & Continuing Applications:
  • UPDATE: (June 7, 2019): The competitive and continuing applications are now closed. 
    • The 21st CCLC 2019-2020 competitive grant award recipients will be announced by mid-June, 2019.
Intent To Apply:

Please note that the Intent to Apply is a requested document to provide our grant readers information regarding the number of applications that will need to be scored. We will accept an Intent to Apply throughout the application process.

Competitive applicants are requested to submit an “Intent to Apply” to by March 29, 2019. Your letter of intent should include the following:

  1. An identification of which schools/population makes you eligible to apply. For example, which Targeted, Comprehensive schools, or what justification you will give to identify your population (see page 6 of the Grant Application Guidance, ''Site Eligibility'')
  2. A verification you have previewed the training webinar (Request for Application (RFA) Instructional Guidelines FY 2019) found on the website
  3. A verification you have previewed the Grant Guidance Document to assist in your grant writing.
  4. A verification that you will submit questions regarding the RFA or competition process to OPI21stCCLCAppFAQ@mt.govand the OPI will provide responses on the website within 24 hours.

2019 Grant Application Guidance - (Updated 3/29/2019)

Application FAQs - Please submit questions to OPI21stCCLCAppFAQ . Answers will be entered onto FAQs within 48 hrs.

Logic Model-Local Level Activities

2019 Grant Application Scoring Rubric- (Updated 4/24/2019) This rubric details how the grant readers will score each answer within the application.

2018-2019 Grantee Information

Upcoming Events:

2019 Spring Term APR Data Due Date:

  • The Attendance Excel Spreadsheet, and the Activities & Staffing Google Sheets are due by Friday, June 14, 2019.
    • Attendance spreadsheets must be submitted though the ePass Secure email system.
    • The Activities and Staffing Sheets are completed on-line. This is a shared Google sheet and does not need to be submitted.
    • Contact Amanda Domino, or 406-444-1964 for questions or concerns.

2018-2019 Fiscal Year End Due Dates:

To be completed in coordination with the District Clerk or Financial Accountant:

  • All Amendments must be made by June 1, 2019
  • All funds must be obligated by June 30, 2019
  • All funds must be liquidated by July 31, 2019
  • Final Expenditure Report due August 10, 2019

Local Evaluations Due (2017-2018 Program Year):

  • Required annually for all Grantees (including the last year of the 5-year cycle)
  • DUE: April 5, 2019
  • Email finalized Local Evaluation to
  • For more information, see email from Miriam Resendez (sent 3/22/2019 11:46 AM)

2018-2019 Surveys: Survey Administration Guide

The surveys will open and available for administration as of March 4th.
  • Teacher Survey – due April 30th
  • School Administrator Survey– due June 1st
  • Student Survey– due April 30th
  • Parent Survey – due June 1st
  • Center Staff Survey– due June 1st
  • Center Administrator Survey– due June 1st

Yearly Information:




21st CCLC Site Center List


Map Legend:

  • Blue - Awarded in 2014
  • Purple - Awarded in 2015
  • Orange - Awarded in 2018