Special Education's Why The "I" in the OPI


OPI Staff are here to help:

Meet the Special Education Team

General Information for Special Education, Meetings and Events: Kelley Brown,   406-444-5661

      Contracts and Payments: Ty House, 406-444-2504

School Improvement Supports
Unit Manager John Gorton, 406-459-4281
School Improvement Specialist Mercee Cislo, 406-437-2369
School Improvement Specialist Alicia Herman, 406-438-1363
School Improvement Specialist Katie Mattingley, 406-437-3874
School Improvement Specialist Chris McCrea, 406-444-3864
School Improvement Specialist Desiree Johnson, 406-431-1081
Early Childhood Education
Early Learning Specialist, Special Education Preschool Lucy Beltz
Additional Supports
Early Assistance Program & Dispute Resolution Mandi Gibbs, 406-444-5664
Paralegal Angie Griner, 406-444-2046
Continuing Education, Stipend Programs Annette Viciedo Young, 406-444-0299


Continuing Education and Technical Assistance
Unit Manager  Tammy Lysons, 406-431-2309
Montana Autism Education Program  Doug Doty, 406-459-5303
GT/MTSS Program Support Specialist Jackie Ronning, 406-438-0522
Program Support Specialist Anne Carpenter, 406-465-0922
Data Systems and Reporting
IDEA Part B Data Manager  Anne Rainey, 406-444-4430
AIM Special Education Data System, Behavior Data Shara Blair, 406-444-0685
State Special Education Director  JP Williams, 406-444-4426
Fiscal Management  Danni McCarthy, 406-444-0452