The OPI Special Education Endorsement Project

Have you considered becoming a special education teacher and adding a special education endorsement to your current Montana teaching license? If so, the Montana Office of Public Instruction has a program that may benefit you as you pursue your career goal. The Special Education Endorsement Project is designed to support a candidate teaching in a Montana public K-12 school/district or special education cooperative as a paid special education intern, while attending a Montana higher education institute to obtain their endorsement in special education. The Endorsement Project is a reimbursable program wherein a candidate who is admitted to the project pays their university expenses up front and can submit for reimbursement at the end of a successful semester during their 3-year internship status.


Please see the link for more information regarding the requirements, eligibility, and application for the OPI Special Education Endorsement Project.


Contact Annette Viciedo Young for more information regarding the Special Education Endorsement Project at ayoung3@mt.govor 406-444-0299.

OPI Staff are here to help:

Meet the Special Education Team

General Information for Special Education, Meetings and Events: Kelley Brown,   406-444-5661

      Contracts and Payments: Ty House, 406-444-2504

School Improvement Supports
Unit Manager John Gorton, 406-459-4281
School Improvement Specialist Mercee Cislo, 406-437-2369
School Improvement Specialist Alicia Herman, 406-438-1363
School Improvement Specialist Vacant
School Improvement Specialist Chris McCrea, 406-444-3864
School Improvement Specialist Desiree Johnson, 406-431-1081

Early Childhood Education
Early Learning Specialist, Special Education Preschool Lucy Beltz, 406-431-4654
Additional Supports
Early Assistance Program & Dispute Resolution Mandi Gibbs, 406-444-5664
Paralegal Angie Griner, 406-444-2046


Continuing Education and Technical Assistance
Unit Manager  Tammy Lysons, 406-431-2309
Montana Autism Education Program  Katie Mattingley, 406-437-3874
GT/MTSS Program Support Specialist Jenny Jarvis, 406-410-1140
Program Support Specialist Anne Carpenter, 406-465-0922
Continuing Ed, Stipend Programs  Annette Viciedo Young, 406-444-0299

Data Systems and Reporting
IDEA Part B Data Manager  Danni McCarthy, 406-594-3610
AIM Special Education Data System, Behavior Data Shara Blair, 406-444-0685
State Special Education Director  Danni McCarthy, 406-594-3610
Fiscal Management