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The Montana Association of School Superintendents (MASS) represents all of our the school superintendents across our state.  It is made up 9 regions which work closely with OPI staff to serve students.  MASS is an affiliate of the national organization, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA).  MASS works towards the continuing improvement in educational procedures, techniques, administration, supervision, and public relations.  MASS also strives to foster a spirit of professional growth, congenial friendship, and loyalty among members.  


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MASS Region Contacts 

The OPI MASS Liaisons below are happy to be of service to MASS.  Please feel free to reach out if the OPI can be of assistance. 

MASS President: Superintendent Dave Wick (Columbia Falls Public Schools), 406-892-6550

MASS President Elect: Superintendent Dale Olinger (Lolo Schools), 406-273-0451

Executive DirectorDr. Rob Watson, 406-442-2510

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Western Region

OPI Contact: Julie Murgel, 406-444-3172

Regional President: Jason Sargent (St. Ignatius Schools), 406-396-7839

Northwest Region

OPI Contact: Sharyl Allen, 406-444-5658

Regional President: Dr. Laurie Barron (Evergreen Schools), 406-396-7839

4-Rivers Region 

OPI Contact: JP Williams, 406-444-4426

Regional President: Hannah Nieskens (Whitehall School District), 406-287-3455

Hi-Line Region 

OPI Contact: Donnie Wetzel, 406-444-4527

Regional President: Tony Warren (Turner Schools), 406-379-2215

Northeast Region 

OPI Contact: Carrie Kouba, 406-444-0864

Regional President: Dan Schmidt (Poplar Schools), 406-768-6602

Southcentral Region

OPI Contact: Aimee Konzen, 406-444-3114

Regional President: Corey Austin (Sweet Grass County High School), 406-932-5993

Central Region 

OPI Contact: Zach Hawkins, 406-444-0708

Regional President: Thom Peck (Lewistown Public Schools), 406-535-8777

Southeast Region 

OPI Contact: John Gorton, 406-444-4281

Regional President: Stephen Schreibeis (Glendive Schools), 406-377-5293

Northcentral Region 

OPI Contact: Jessie Counts, 406-444-4706

Regional President: Elliot Crump (Shelby Schools), 406-434-2622

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