ESSA Update


December 12, 2018


Dear Partners in Education,

To avoid confusion and allow for more time for the development of our state, district, and school report cards, Montana will not be releasing ESSA report cards displaying 2016-2017 school year data this December. With the added time until the release of report cards, the OPI will:

  • Further review feedback and updated report card guidance received by the Department of Education on December 6th (Montana plans to put only the required information on report cards).
  • Finalize the upload and programming of the 2015-2016 CRDC data the OPI received from the DOE in late September which is required to be on 2017-2018 report cards.
  • Utilize the time to reach out to parents and our partners in education for further input on state, district, and school level report cards as well as the detail pages.
  • Develop various levels of webinars on understanding and analyzing the report cards.

The new comprehensive, targeted, and universal ESSA designations will be released after running the accountability system and the report cards with 2017-2018 data will follow in early spring of 2019.Annually, the report cards will be released notifying schools, families, and communities of school, district, and state level performance as well as ESSA designations. Schools and districts will have the opportunity to review the report card before the public release. Schools and districts will be given a template to design a cover letter highlighting what they are proud of, an area they will be working on with a call to action to the community, and a local data point to share that is not included in the ESSA report card. 

New report cards drafts will be coming soon, and we look forward to receiving your continued feedback. Thank you for your input!