ESSA Update

August 22, 2019

Dear Partners in Education,

The OPI will continue to streamline communication through the OPI points of contact so that comprehensive and high priority schools are supported and not contacted by multiple staff within the agency. The OPI points of contact can ensure schools receives the proper support from the agency and will bring in experts from finance, health, special education and other divisions as needed.

 Comprehensive Support Schools

Wolf Point HS

Donnie Wetzel, 444-4527,

Absarokee HS

Rachel Anderberg, (303) 552-1332,

Crow Agency

Rachel Anderberg, (303) 552-1332,

Frazer HS

Joycelyn Desrosier, 444-3642,

Victor School

Carrie Kouba, 444-0794,


High Priority Districts




Browning SD

Browning HS

Babb School

KW/VC Elementary

Napi Elementary

Browning MS

Browning Elementary

Terri Barclay, 444-0753,

Liz Tuss, 560-7076,

Brockton SD

Brockton HS

Barbara Gilligan 7-8

Barbara Gilligan School

Donnie Wetzel, 444-4527,

Lodge Grass SD

Lodge Grass HS

Lodge Grass 7-8

Lodge Grass School

Leo Davis, 444-2503,

Rocky Boy SD

Rocky Boy HS

Rocky Boy 7-8

Rocky Boy Elementary

Crystal Andrews, 444-3482,

Lame Deer SD

Lame Deer HS

Lame Deer 7-8

Lame Deer School

Leo Davis, 444-2503,

Wyola SD

Wyola 7-8

Wyola School

Carrie Kouba, 444-0794,

Dupuyer SD

Dupuyer School

Kathi Tiefenthaler, 444-1872,

Poplar SD

Poplar HS

Poplar 7-8

Poplar 5-6

Poplar School

Joycelyn Desrosier, 444-3642,

Ashland SD

Ashland 7-8

Ashland School

Kathi Tiefenthaler, 444-1872,

Heart Butte SD

Heart Butte HS

Heart Butte 6-8

Heart Butte Elementary

Lona Running Wolf, 845-8716,

Hays Lodge Pole SD

Hays-Lodge Pole HS

Hays-Lodge Pole 7-8

Lodge Pole School

Dan McGee, 876-3262,

Pryor SD

Plenty Coups HS

Pryor 7-8

Arrow Creek Elementary

Carrie Kouba, 444-0794,

Yellowstone SD

Yellowstone Academy 7-8

Rachel Anderberg,

(303) 552-1332,