OPI Positions

The OPI is a leader in reforming workplace expectations. Choice is observed in everyday work life including:

telework available positions

family friendly environment

professional development

Pair this with full health benefits, retirement plans, paid time off, tuition assistance, and public service loan forgiveness, and you will find that OPI is the agency that is built to grow your career, family, and health throughout the decades. 

OPI employees are a passionate group of professionals dedicated to leading and supporting our education system. We house a diverse collection of experience with the 200+ unique individuals we employ. Our specialists further OPI’s purpose with applicable knowledge in education, health, research and analysis, nutrition, finance, administration, human resources, licensing and regulation, information technology, and many others. We are proud to serve 145,000+ students pre-K to grade 12, their parents and guardians, 400+ school districts, approximately 15,000 educational professionals, and 3,000+ adult learners. 

Please review our open positions and apply; we would love to meet you!





OPI Organizational Chart

The OPI offers flexibility in employee choice through a telework option. Currently, there are 72 teleworkers. This option has allowed the OPI to move from four office buildings to two. The OPI now leases two state-owned buildings and moved out of the private leased building, which had the most significant fiscal footprint. This action will permit more budgeting resources to serve our schools and students both in general fund and federal tax dollars.

OPI Telework Map