COVID-19 Update for HiSET Options Program

For students currently enrolled in The HiSET Options Program ONLY (credit deficient high school seniors)

The Office of Public Instruction – Career, Technical and Adult Education Division: HiSET Options Program in coordination with Educational Testing Services (ETS) and Drew Uecker – Principal of Paris Gibson Education Center, will meet the needs of the currently enrolled HiSET Options students due to the disruption of their education by COVID-19.  We propose the following for those affected students:

  • With no known date of reopening testing centers that all students be given HiSET practice tests to determine proficiency in the content area.  If a student receives a "Highly Prepared" the student will be awarded the credit in that content area.  The practice test would be administered by the local district in any manner they see as doable for that student.  It may be proctored one student at a time while maintaining social distancing, it may be done remotely using Zoom or other remote method, or by some other method.  If some testing has occurred, but not all has been finished, those scores will count toward proficiency.  
  • Students would be awarded a regular high school diploma based on HiSET practice test proficiency.  It would not be counted as an "Options" student at this point.
  • All other aspects of the student's contract must have been met in order to receive the diploma.
  • If a district wants to wait until testing centers reopen they could choose to do so.  A deadline of results would have to be July 1, 2020.

This is the best way to hold students harmless due to circumstances beyond their control while maintaining local control and integrity in the process.
For any questions or concerns, please contact:


Austin Schweitzer,
OPI - HiSET Options Program Specialist


ETS HiSET (Formerly GED)

The Montana ETS HiSET® is a battery of tests which measures a student's academic skills as compared to a high school graduate.  If passed, a Montana High School Equivalency Diploma is issued which is accepted by institutions of higher education and employers as equivalent to a regular high school diploma.

Click Here to Learn About Montana Adult Basic and Literacy Education.  WIOA Adult Education programs can assist individuals in preparing for HiSET exams. 

For general questions regarding a High School Equivalency (HSE) credential, including transcripts, please contact the High School Equivalency Helpline at 406-444-4151 or email  Please note, HSE staff respond to messages on Tuesday and Thursday only. 

For questions regarding HiSET Test Centers in Montana, please contact Emily Fuller, Adult Education Program Assistant at 406-444-1691 or email

For more information regarding our Montana HiSET Options Program, please contact Austin Schweitzer, HiSET Options Specialist at 406-444-2059 or email him at