ESSA Update

ESSA Implementation

Modifications to E-Grants & the Continuous School Improvement Plan Capture

  • E-Grants was modified to reflect current programming and federal funding streams.
  • This year the CSIP has undergone minor modifications and next year it will have further modifications in order to consolidate multiple reports into the CSIP.

Comprehensive and Targeted School Support

  • The needs assessment for evaluating needed support for comprehensive and targeted schools is under development.
  • The math and literature Guides for CSI and TSI schools are being improved.
  • Case study teams are being piloted in the High Priority Districts (districts in which every school is identified for comprehensive support). This is a strategic team approach to problem-solving and providing resources to each district with a key point of contact from the OPI to build relationships and streamline communication.

Define Ineffective & Inexperienced Educator

  • OPI will coordinate a work group to look at models that will work in Montana and generate ideas.

School Expenditure Reporting

  • School Districts with more than 1,000 students were requested to participate in a work group to establish state guidelines for per pupil expenditure reporting by school code. The OPI appreciates the collaboration of many districts and MASBO as we work toward meeting this requirement of the DOE by July of 2018.
  • The OPI is seeking a waiver from the DOE for per pupil expenditure reporting by school code for school districts with less than 1,000 students.

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Susie Hedalen

Director of Educational Services & ESSA


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