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What is the Teacher Learning Hub?

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For those of us who work to make the Hub an engaging, high-quality professional learning experience--each course and interaction with the more than 12,000 educators who use the Hub--builds our commitment and enthusiasm for sharing what the Hub is and how it can help individual educators, schools, and districts grow their professional practice.

Since its beginning in 2013, the primary purpose of the Teacher Learning Hub has been to address the challenges of distance, time, and equity of access to high quality professional development for Montana educators. Our commitment to you is to provide active learning, high quality content, and relevant topics on an accessible, free online learning system.

Types of Courses

Facilitated Courses

  • These courses are typically 3-5 weeks. There are deadlines for each activity or assignment and a facilitator will be online to guide you through the course and provide feedback. These courses are typically capped between 20 and 30 participants and run 2-3 times throughout the year.

Self-paced Courses

  • These courses do not have a start or end date but are continuously open. Complete at your own pace and on your own schedule. There is a facilitator listed in case you have questions; they also monitor activity within the course. Some self-paced courses will have an activity that needs to be manually graded, this can take 2-3 days. 

To enroll in a course, simply click the course name then the enroll me button. If you are prompted for an enrollment key, contact the facilitator listed in the course description.

All courses offer renewal units and the certificate will be "unlocked" at the completion of the course for you to download.   Read more about the Teacher Learning Hub’s History

Available Courses

    Please use the following resources to learn what is available on the Hub:

    You can also search the course listing directly on the Hub.


FAQ and Technical Support


 We maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you make informed decisions about your professional learning. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewal Units and Licensure
  • Grading and Monitoring of Course Activities
  • Evaluating Courses
  • Technology Considerations

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support

The Hub maintains a self-help knowledgebase and a technical support center to assist you with your technology needs. The Hub helpdesk is staffed M-F from 8 am – 5 pm (excluding state holidays). Look for the red “Help” button on the right hand side of every Hub page to access the knowledgebase and ticket system.


Annual Reports

Each year we create a report to capture the reach, growth, and successes of the Learning Hub. The fiscal year represented within each report runs from July to June. This report shows the dedication of OPI staff and Montana teacher leaders to provide high-quality professional development as well as the commitment of Montana educators to furthering their profession.

Information for School Administrators

Planning Professional Development

 Don't forget to include Hub courses in your District's required annual professional development plan (see ARM 10.55.714). This is especially important if you plan to accept alternatives to the annual October professional development days.

 If your District's professional development plan required all staff to takes specific courses on the Learning Hub, every educator will need to individually create an account and enroll in those courses. Use our Teacher Learning Hub Starter Guide to help streamline the process for your staff. The exception is Group Courses, see below for more information.

 View our course list, catalog, and calendar to help you and your staff identify courses.

 NEW! If you are interested in facilitated courses, but the dates don't work for you or you want a session just for your staff that you can monitor - request a private session and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Getting Your Staff Involved in the Hub

The best first step is to get your staff acquainted with the Hub and to have them create accounts. Use the Starter Guide , how to enroll in a course, and Hub video tour to aid in this.

  • Self-paced courses:  These courses can be completed on an individual's own time or during scheduled PIR days.
  • Facilitated courses: These courses start and end on specific dates. Educators can only enroll in these courses when they are scheduled.  Be aware of how these courses fit into your professional development plan and school calendar.

Things to Consider

  • Confirmation emails: When users create a new account, a confirmation email is sent. This is sometimes blocked by Spam blockers. We recommend that you test this out before having an entire staff create accounts. If these emails are being blocked, reach out using the 'Help' button or give us a call. We can help users confirm their accounts.
  • YouTube: Many of our courses include YouTube videos. If your internet filters block YouTube, your teachers will likely struggle to complete certain courses. We recommend testing this out in advance.
  • Tracking Course Completions: It is the responsibility of the individual educator to report course completions to you, as represented by an OPI renewal unit certificate. The Hub staff cannot directly release course completion information to anyone other than the individual account holder.
  • Grading: All facilitated courses will have grades, but some of our self-paced courses do as well. If you assign all your staff to complete a self-paced course in a short time period, you may want to check first to see if there is a graded component. If so, then allow for an extra 2-3 business days for the course facilitator to do the grading. 
  • Pay scale advancement: If your district intends to recognize Hub courses for salary advancement we recommend that you communicate this well in advance with your staff. You may need to address this in your local contract and in your district's professional development plan.
  • All staff: We have courses suitable for all educators. including paraprofessionals, substitutes, trustees, and anyone who works in and around schools. 
  • CSIP: Include your staff's usage of the Hub in your annual Continuous School Improvement Plan.
  • See our FAQ page for other common questions your staff may have.

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