The state board of public education establishes and maintains standards for all public schools in Montana to guarantee that all students receive the benefit of attending accredited schools under the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Chapter 55.  ARM Chapter 55 also requires school districts to develop, implement, and evaluate continuous school improvement plans, make the plans available to the public, and review them on an annual basis.

Deadline for TEAMS and CSIP

To provide flexibility, the deadline for the TEAMS and CSIP reports has been extended to December 1, 2020. 

TEAMS Webinars

Accreditation is offering TEAMS Webinars to assist with completing the TEAMS report.  There are 2 Webinars intended for Brand New Users and 5 Webinars for Returning Users that discuss FY2021 Updates.  They will be held via Zoom and all sessions will have a Question and Answer section.  Here is the 2020 TEAMS Webinar Schedule.


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