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Perkins V Public Comment

Perkins V Performance Measures - Accountability Data Definitions

  • What will the E-Grant application look like?  Will we be required to complete the same information in Perkins V vs. IV?  When will the application be available?  
    Hopefully you will find The Perkins V E-Grant simplified.  You will be uploading your CLNA but End of Year Report is eliminated.  As soon as OPI is able to test the new E-grant version, OPI will offer a Webinar on the new E-Grant form once available.
  • Can we use Perkins money to fund a CTE Teacher in an emerging area or pathway?
    Yes, generally for 3 years.
  • What are the rules on Perkins V spending money?
    Money should be spent appropriately according to your CLNA goals.  OPI encourages innovation
    • There are required uses:
  • What is the CLNA used for in Perkins V spending?
    The CLNA is used to help you prioritize goals for next school years allocation.  You will be asked to provide a narrative of what that priority is and how will be allocated to it.


Perkins V Performance Measures - Accountability Data Definitions

  • For this year's Spring CTE Collection only those students, 9-12 with 2 or more credits within a Pathway are counted ...... correct?
    Yes. Lots of schools that don’t have students in a particular pathway yet.
  • What if I have no concentrators right now?
    We understand this is a transition year for all schools, and you can report that you DO NOT have any concentrators.  However, if a school falls below 10% of the state negotiated level for 3 years, they are put under a performance plan for technical assistance.  Funds are never taken away.
  • How often do I need to complete CLNA?

    Every other school year

  • What is the CLNA used for in Perkins V spending?
    The CLNA is used to help you prioritize goals for next school years allocation.  You will be asked to provide a narrative of what that priority is and how will be allocated to it.

  • In the CLNA column titled "Indicate Evidence Reviewed", do we need to attach the evidence?
    Yes. A web link or reference for who you conferred with. If you cannot provide evidence please note it in your CLNA.

  • Part A - Evaluation of Student Performance (row 8) - Students in each CTE program perform acceptably on federal accountability indicators in comparison to non-CTE students.  What and where do we get this information?
    Basically, how are CTE concentrators doing in academic areas (usually measured by comparing whole school ACT scores and CTE concentrator ACT scores.

  • Part F Secondary sheet in the Perkins V CLNA - we have to wait until we receive the information from you before we do anything with this section is that correct?  
    OPI will provide guidance in the coming weeks

  • Do the Pathways we use in our school for the collection, need to be somehow certified or aligned by OPI?
    Yes, they should be one of 16 state accepted pathways.  If you have something in an emerging field, or feel your region needs something different, please contact your OPI Specialist or Perkins Liaison.
  • All Pathway classes must be CTE certified and taught by CTE certified teachers?
    Yes.  For instance, Anatomy and Physiology are counted as a Health Science CTE course, but only if it is taught by a CTE endorsed or licensed teacher. 
  • Can we count Jobs for Montana Graduates (JMG) Career Exploration as a pathway course?
    Federal Perkins Funds cannot be used in funding JMG courses, however State VoEd (CTE) money can.


Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares Montana K-12 students for a wide range of careers and post secondary education programs.  CTE courses are found in Montana's middle schools, high schools and career centers.  

CTE courses provide students with life and employment skills to make them highly desirable employees in today's modern workforce.  Skills learned in K-12 Career and Technical Education courses prepare students to go directly into the workforce or to continue their education with a much higher degree of focus and direction for their career goals. 

Montana has over 500 approved CTE programs and over 800 certified teachers in Agriculture, Business, Marketing, Family and Consumer Sciences, Industrial Technology, and Health Sciences.  More than 150 Montana high schools participate in the federal Carl D.  Perkins and state Career and Technical Education grant programs to support and improve their Career and Technical Education programs.

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Austin Schweitzer, Marketing Program Coordinator - 406-444-2059

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Use the interactive map below to find out which CTE programs are offered at high schools around Montana!  It also includes enrollment numbers and class size.

CTE Interactive Map