The Traffic Education Office provides information, resources and support to schools, teachers, parents and teens involved in state-approved driver education programs in Montana.  This office also manages the Montana DRIVE Program located in Lewistown.  On track since 1979, advanced driving workshops are offered every summer for adult and teen drivers.


Driver Education FAQs for Families & Guidance for School Districts


PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer driver education courses or register teens for driver education courses. If you are looking for a local state-approved traffic education course, contact your local school district.  You can also click on the link at RIGHT (under the image of the teens and signs) to search for approved traffic education courses. Then, contact that school district for information. 
For information about driver licensing and to make appointments for testing, visit


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Manage your traffic education program using the Traffic Education Data & Reporting System (TEDRS). 

For assistance contact:
Patti Borneman, Traffic Education Program Specialist - (406) 444-4432

Teen Drivers with Signs

Looking for Driver Education for a Teen Driver? Visit Approved High School Driver Education Programs to search for Montana school districts approved to offer driver education.