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This series will dive into today's relevant issues in Montana education with interviews from a wide range of experts and industry professionals. Pull up a chair and join us for these exciting episodes.


Executive Leadership Academy

The Montana Executive Leadership Academy prepares career leaders and rising leaders to transform organizations by optimizing opportunities both external and internal to the organization. 

The cohort program of learning utilizes a practitioner-scholar model of professional development that emphasizes experiential learning from world-renowned faculty members who are experts in their field.  

Program learning and performance outcomes ensure that every Executive Leader understands and applies practices in leadership to (1) collect and analyze data effectively; (2) assess needs, and design appropriate learning experiences; (3) apply tools of appropriate technology; (4) integrate theories and practices into problem-solving; (5) create economic value and efficiency to organizations; and (6) intentionally connecting the strategy of the organization with the professional identities and the personal development of the members of the organization. 

Are you interested in joining the third Cohort? Reach out to Deputy Sharyl Allen for application details! 




Teacher Leader Academy 

The Teacher Leader Academy is designed to empower teacher leaders to stay in the classroom, not move into administration. Qualities of teacher leaders include high-level classroom practitioner, active engagement in the profession, passion and commitment to excellence, and readiness to re-imagine the profession.

Flipping the script on what it means to advance professionally, the Teacher Leader Academy re-imagines career advancement as not just vertical but also as expanded impact and influence. The Academy recognizes that teacher leaders have extensive training and skills in curriculum, pedagogy and instructional methods. The Academy brings a roster of faculty that includes renowned scholars and leading practitioners from Montana and across the country. Participants work closely with Academy faculty and their K-12 peers to practice teacher leader skills and competencies focused around leadership, engagement, influence/advocacy, problem-solving, and the lessons learned from teaching and leading in a pandemic riddled environment.

Are you interested in joining the third Cohort? Reach out to Deputy Sharyl Allen for application details!