Achievement in Montana (AIM) is the OPI state-wide student information system. This system allows school districts to submit required student information electronically.  AIM provides the OPI, the State of Montana, federal entities, and the education community timely and accurate data about the progress of our students, schools, school districts and the state.


AIM Help Desk, 1-877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800
A full version of the AIM Staff Directory


The districts’ AIM Primary Contact is who we rely on for being the liaison between the district and the state. We deal mainly with the main AIM Primary Contact when assisting districts with their student data. It is up to the district to decide who the main AIM Primary Contact is. Use this form to add or change any AIM Contact Information.

NOTICE: Please do not email any student personally identifiable information (PII), including names or student ID's, to the OPI or AIM Help Desk. Please call AIM Support directly for assistance with individual student PII or use ePass MT for secure transferring of larger student data files. 

AIM COVID-19 Information Update

The following is the latest COVID-19 information specific to how districts should be recording data in their student information systems:
Calendars: The OPI is NOT instructing the districts to modify their calendars to record instructional and/or non-instructional days related to the COVID-19 school closures. For those cases where the district has decided to change their previously defined spring break dates, then the district should update their student information system calendars to reflect any adjustments made to the timing of their spring break.
Attendance: Districts that are providing remote instruction should mark their students' attendance as present or absent according to their district policies. See the 'School Closures' section of the OPI COVID-19 Information page for more information on Attendance.
Enrollments: Districts should continue to enroll students even if educational services are not being provided because there are other services such as nutrition that could be provided during the closure.
More COVID-19 information is available on the OPI web page



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