The Montana Comprehensive Assessment System (MontCAS) supports a balanced approach to student assessment comprised of:

  • Summative Assessments - provide an overall measure of students' educational goals
  • Interim Assessments - benchmark student achievement throughout the year
  • Formative Assessments - give teachers the ability to adjust teaching and learning strategies in the classroom

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The vision of the Montana Alternative Student Testing (MAST) Pilot is to implement “through year” assessments across the state that can eventually replace the traditional end-of-year state summative assessments and satisfy federal testing requirements.


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Congress mandates that all state's participate in assessments under the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to measure student achievement in core subjects. 




Montana State Assessment Results

Montana's 2022-2023 State Assessment results were made available in early September. Math scores for students in Grades 3 thorugh 8 have increased when compared to the 2021-2022 data. Grade 11 students increased scores across content areas, ELA, math, and science. This 2022-2023 Statewide Assessment Overview presentation gives additional detalis. 


Negotiated Rulemaking on Student Assessment Rules :

OPI is currently in the Negotiated Rulemaking Phase of the Chapter 56 - Student Assessment Rules. To follow along with the process or give public comment, please refer the the agendas and documents below.


Assessment Standards Revisions


Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

  •  Rulemaking commenced for Chapter 56 NRC on February 12, 2024


Previous Meeting Information:

 February 12, 2024 - NRC Rulemaking Session #1
 February 6, 2024 - NRC Orientation

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Members:

  • Michael Grizzaffi - K-12 Educator - Columbus
  • Erin Hunt - K-12 Educator - Helena
  • Beverly Chin - Higher Education Faculty, Taxpayer - Missoula
  • Dana Haring - K-12 Educator -  Kalispell 
  • Justine Alberts - Parent, Higher Education - Helena 
  • Heather Marcella - School Business Manager - Clinton 
  • Brian Kessler - K-12 School Administrator - East Helena 
  • Corey Barron - K-12 School Administrator - Harlem 
  • Jordann Lankford - K-12 Educator, Tribe Representative - Great Falls
  • Leslie DiMaio - K-12 Educator - Columbia Falls 
  • Dr. Julie Murgel - Office of Public Instruction - Helena 
  • Marie Judisch - Office of Public Instruction - Ledger