Learn more about the required English Language Arts (ELA), math, and science state assessment given in Grade 11 below.


The ACT with Writing is the general mathematics, reading/language arts, and science assessment for academic state achievement reporting in Grade 11. The ACT with Writing is aligned to the Montana Content Stardards (2011) in Math and English language arts (ELA) and currently under alignment studies to the Montana Content Standards (2016) in Science. It is used to provide state, district, school, and individual student achievement information on the state-adopted content standards in mathematics, ELA, and science. It is used by the state to provide a consistent picture of student proficiency and progress across Montana's public schools and private schools seeking accreditation. It is an important measure for understanding comparisons between schools, over time, and for gaining understanding of equity in educational services.

Grade(s): 11

Subject(s): Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science

Test Time: 3.5 hours

Testing Window:  

  • Window #1: March 26-April 5, 2024
  • Window #2: April 9-April 19, 2024
  • Window #3: April 23-May 3, 2024

General Information

These resources include some general information about the assessment that will be helpful in learning about the state required ACT with Writing assessment. Follow the links below to learn more.

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