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Elsie Arntzen is Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction

July 29, 2020

image of Elsie Arntzen

With the new school year just around the corner, the OPI hopes that you are getting to enjoy some time off this summer! Below are some important updates from the OPI:

  • Reopening Montana Schools Guidance and additional information can be found HERE.
  • You can find COVID-19 demographic information HERE to track infection rates by county and by age groups for monitoring your local situation.
  • At the request of the OPI, the Governor has allocated $10 million from the state Coronavirus Relief Fund to support pupil transportation. 
  • State Disaster and Emergency Services have sent PPE to county DES offices for schools.
  • Please ensure that your OPI subscription preferences are up to date.
  • The OPI is continuing to pursue state and federal waivers to support flexibility this coming school year. 



Superintendent’s Office July Zoom Events


  • Board of Land Commissioners
  • Council of Chief State School Officers COVID-19 meetings
  • Board of Public Education
  • State Administration and Veterans Affairs Committee
  • Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education
  • Education Northwest Board Meeting
  • Legislative Interim Committees
  • Career and Technical Student Organizations Board Meeting
  • Montana Academy of Pediatrics Meeting
  • Montana School Safety Advisory Council Meeting









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