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Superintendent Elsie Arntzen is proud to serve our Montana families, students, and teachers through the administration of the ESSER education funding of just over $605 million. Each district was awarded ESSER funding based on Title I student count. Across the state, Districts are using ESSER funding in innovative, valuable ways, enabling schools and their partners to implement highly effective and beneficial programs. The countdown is here with ESSER I (CARES) expiring 2022, ESSER II (CRRSA) expiring 2023, and ESSER III (ARP) expiring 2024 (comparison chart p.4). OPI has established a system of support to ensure grant funding compliance and provide advocacy in use of funds. 

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Monthly District-Level ESSER Spend-Down Status is posted on the ESSER Website here.


COVID Education Funding Status 

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ESSER State and District Plan

On August 5, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education approved the ARP ESSER State Plan for Montana. This gave OPI an approved roadmap for helping our great Montana schools and communities use this large influx of Federal funding to innovate and improve instruction for our Montana students. The Montana State Plan recognizes local control, removes obstacles and barriers for schools, and enhances accountability.

Montana State and District Plans


District ESSER Stories

ESSER District Consolidated Stories

LE Name ELO History ELO Funding Student Participation Average Weekly Participation Program Topic
Panther Math and Reading Program Afterschool 21' - 23'
Summer 24'
$97,423 26 7 hours Math
Afterschool Club House Afterschool & Summer
21' - 24'
$173,382 767 10 hours Reading
Real World Book Club Afterschool & Summer
21' - 24'
$177,999 288 28 hours Math/Reading
Hamilton Players Summer 23' - 24' $50,000 50  25 hours Reading
Get Your Game On Afterschool 21' - 23'
Summer 23' - 24'
$136,256 3115 3 hours Math
Mango Math Afterschool & Summer
21' - 24'
$157,269 363 28 hours Math
Code Girls United Afterschool & Summer
21' - 24'
$152,784 336 4 hours Math
Educatio Learning Studio Afterschool '21
Afterschool & Summer 22' - 24'
$146,293 230 5 hours Math


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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)


Montana Schools  

COVID-Related Funding Received for Public and Non-Public Schools Graphic: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief ESSER I (CARES), Expires 2022 = $41,295,230; ESSER II (CRRSA), Expires 2023 = $170,099,465; ESSER III (ARP), Expires 2024= $382,019,236; Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) = $24,679,709; Total Funds = $605,318,735  



COVID Related Funding Received Nationally; ESSER I (CARES) expires 2022 $13.23 Billion; ESSER II (CRRSA) expired 2023 $54.31 Billion; ESSER III (ARP) expires 2024 $121.97 Billion