Montana Code Annotated 20-1-402: There must be at least eight disaster drills a year in a school. Drills must be held at different hours of the day or evening to avoid distinction between drills and actual disasters. 

General Information and Resources for Drills and Exercises 

Drills and Exercise Development

Start here: This Drill & Exercise Development worksheet provides schools with a planning template for selecting and conducting disaster drills and safety exercises. This worksheet also helps schools walk through who should be involved in conducting the drill including community public safety agencies and first responders. For more information see the recommendation for coordinating with Local Emergency Planning Committees and local and tribal health departments and coordinating with first responders and law enforcement.  

Trauma-informed Drills

It's important that schools prepare for disasters while maintaining feelings of security at school. Some drills may not be appropriate for all students or all school staff. Please review this guidance for more information

Conducting Disaster Drills During COVID-19

Safety and Security Assessment

This checklist provides schools with a list of items that can be checked and/or considered in order to maintain a physically safe school environment and a planning template to address concerns.  

Drills and Exercises for Schools 

After-Action Report Templates

It is important for schools to reflect on the effectiveness of a drill, safety exercise, or actual emergency situation after it occurs. This will help schools identify areas where things went well and areas where changes may need to be made to better prepare and respond in the future. 

  • After a Drill-Action Report Example: This fillable template guides school staff in reflecting after a drill is conducted in order to identify what went well during the drill (areas of strength) and what could be improved (areas of weakness) to further strengthen a school's emergency operations plan. 
  • After an Emergency -Action Report Example: This fillable document can be used to document the events that lead to an emergency and the actions taken during and after an emergency. This form can then be used to guide a school's future emergency operations planning.