ARM 10.64.201 - School Bus Driver Qualifications:

 (1) In addition to the school bus driver qualifications set forth in 20-10-103, MCA, the Board of Public Education requires that school bus drivers must obtain a Montana school bus driver certificate (form TR-35) pursuant to the requirements of ARM 10.7.111, by submitting proof of the following:
(a) a minimum of five years of licensed driving experience;
(b) no record of criminal offenses indicating they may be dangerous to children, as evidenced by a criminal background check provided to and approved by the school district prior to initial employment;
(c) a satisfactory report of a physical examination as prescribed by 20-10-103, MCA;
(d) a current first aid certificate meeting the requirements of ARM 10.7.111;
(e) a properly endorsed commercial driver's license (CDL) with continuing compliance with all of the requirements associated with that license; and
(f) a safe driving record, which may not have evidence of any of the following:
(i) more than one moving traffic violation within any 12-month period of the preceding 36 months;
(ii) any conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs within the preceding 36 months; or
(iii) a conviction resulting in mandatory revocation or suspension of a driver's license in the previous five years.