The Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual is an easy-to-read, illustrated version of the Montana Driver Manual. It can help driver license applicants understand and remember traffic safety laws and regulations that are required to obtain and keep a Montana driver license. Each of the eight chapters includes a practice quiz with an answer key.

The manual (revised 2023) can be downloaded as an Acrobat pdf file (7.5 MB) and viewed on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The free Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded here. Contact the State of Montana Print and Mail to inquire about printing this manual.

From the Introduction: This adapted illustrated driver manual is based on the 2015 Montana Driver Manual published and distributed by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Montana Department of Justice. The adapted manual is organized and presented in a clear and easy-to-read format with graphics and images. 

In addition to helping new drivers learn the rules of the road and pass the test for a first Montana driver license, the Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual includes positive encouragement to drive without distractions and impairment, to share the road safely, and to always buckle up.

First published in 1971, this manual has been updated and republished four times, including this 2018 edition, which includes minor changes reflecting new motor vehicle laws passed by the 2017 Legislature. Contact the Traffic Education Office with any questions or comments about the Adapted Manual. 

In 2016, every public library and most high school libraries received a copy of the manual.

Download a copy of the latest Montana Driver Manual published by the MT Department of Justice (as of 6/24/22 the latest version was published in October 2018).


Listen to the Audio Version!

Volunteers at the Montana Talking Book Library completed a recording of this manual in January 2017. Click on the sections/chapters below to open the Windows Media Player (.wav) files and listen while viewing the corresponding sections of the manual.

Contact the Traffic Education Office if you have problems or need to request the audio version on a flash drive. The Office of Public Instruction is indebted to the Montana State Library and many volunteers who clearly and accurately read the 140-page manual to produce this audio version of the Adapted Illustrated Montana Driver Manual.