OPI Information Reporting Systems Portal

Listed below are all of the OPI Information Reporting Systems used by schools, school districts and counties. Clicking on the system name will take you to the login page for the system. If you are a new user or need help using a system, please follow the “Link to Responsible Division” for the system you need help with. 

All OPI Information Reporting Systems are web-based and are designed to work on all commonly available desktop computer technology platforms. Tablet and mobile platforms are not supported at this time.

Supported browsers include the most current versions of the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

If you have questions or need help using or obtaining access to an OPI Information Reporting System, please contact us at: OPIHelpDesk@mt.gov


OPI Information Reporting Systems 

AIM - The AIM Montana Edition is used by some schools and districts to report demographic, enrollment, program participation, and assessment data for students.

Central Data Update Form (Contacts) - The Contacts application is used by schools and districts to manage and keep current their staff contact information for the OPI. The contact information from this application is used in the school directory.

Comprehensive Adult Student Education System (CASES) - The CASES system is  is used by adult basic and literacy education sites to track student progress and by the OPI to produce the necessary federal reports.

Continuous School Improvement Plan (Formerly Five-Year Plan) - The Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) application is used by schools and districts to annually enter their continuous school improvement and Title I plans.

County - The County application is web based for internal and external use of registered users to collect data, process County Equalization, and issue corresponding reports for public use.

Direct Certification - The Direct Certification system is used to perform the direct certification of Montana's enrolled students in participating NSLP Sponsored Schools who qualify for free school lunches. The system imports student enrollments and eligibility information and matches them through a rules engine for reporting, and enables the Sponsor's officials to perform manual matching and collaboration, and prepares the required Federal reporting.

Distance Learning Provider Registration - The Distance Learning application tracks Distance Learning providers and the courses they offer.

E-Grants - E-Grants is a web-enabled system for K-12 education and supports the grant application process from allocation of funds and application for funding through payment accountability, reporting to the grantor and grant closeout for both state and federal grants.

Jobs for Teachers - This service provides easy access to job opportunities at accredited Montana K-12 schools. You can use the service to search for jobs, post your resume, find candidates and manage job postings.

K20 Data Transport - The K20 Data Transport System facilitates the collection and exchange of student information required for Montana standard transcripts.

Montana Agreement and Payment System (MAPS) - The Montana Agreement and Payment System (MAPS) supports Montana’s schools and other community sites participating in the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and/or the Summer Food Service Program by enabling on-line applications, claims, and other data necessary for State and Federal reporting and payments. There are currently about 300 sponsors participating with over 950 schools and other sites to provide free and reduced priced school and summer meals to qualified students and community children.

Montana Automated Education Financial and Information Reporting System (MAEFAIRS) - The MAEFAIRS application is used to collect student enrollment information for funding purposes and provides for the distribution and collection of financial information.

Montana Comprehensive Assessment System (MontCAS ) - The MontCAS application is used to record reasons a student enrolled during the testing window did not take the tests. It also collects data about accommodations given to students both standard and nonstandard, and collects data about any irregularities that happened during the testing. A school's System Test Coordinator affirms the schools' compliance and reports assessment dates. 

Montana High School Association - This MHSA application is a collaboration between OPI and MHSA. This system will collect the numbers of students participating in athletics, activities, and Career and Technical Organizations.

Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS) - The MSEIS application is used to license educators and manage their information.

Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Retrieval System (YRBS) - The YRBS application allows the user to generate their school’s survey information. If the user belongs to a District that serves more than one school, they can also generate their district’s Multi-School District report that combines all high schools (including Alternative Schools) or all middle schools into one report.

Montana's Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (GEMS) - Public Site | Secured Site - The GEMS data reporting system provides access to multiple years of data and interactive reports on student achievement, graduation rates, enrollment, program and course offerings, district and school profiles, the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), and financial information reported by school districts. Additionally, GEMS provides users the ability to compare Montana schools side-by-side.

Non-Public Schools Enrollment and Participation - The Nonpublic School application collects private and home school registration, enrollment, and federal program participation data.

OPI Reporting Center - The OPI reporting center has information available to the public such as directory information and CRT data. Has secure information that is not tied to any other application that the user must log in to see.

Pupil Transportation - The Pupil Transportation program allows designated school personnel, contractors, and transportation directors to manage the financial portion of the transportation program independently.

Renewal Units Online - The Renewal Unit application assists providers registration, and event entry/reporting. Renewal Units are credits a teacher can get by attending Renewal Unit Events.  Teachers get credit for taking them and the provider of the workshop gets credit for holding the event.

Special Education Application Portal - The SPED Applications Portal is the central web application for Special Education. It houses the applications for Child Count Verification, Exiting Verification, and Post School Outcome Survey. These applications are used by school districts/coops to complete federally mandated reporting. The Portal houses the Monitoring application, used by OPI Compliance Monitors and part-time employees to complete the review of special education files per the General Supervision responsibilities under IDEA.

Terms of Employment Accreditation and Master Schedule (TEAMS) - The TEAMS application used to collection information about terms of employment, accreditation, and master schedules.  It is also used to determine schools' accreditation status.

Traffic Education Data & Reporting (TEDRS) - This Traffic Education application is used by school districts to input their annual district application, report their year-end results and create a student list containing all students who took Driver's Education.