*NAEP schedule of assessments can be found at https://www.nagb.org/about-naep/assessment-schedule.html

Jessica Eilertson, State Assessment Director



Pam Birkeland, Digital Library Specialist



Yvonne Field, Assessment Coordinator



Ashley McGrath, NAEP State Coordinator



Marcy Fortner, Administrative Specialist



Paula Schultz, Smarter Balanced Accommodations Lead




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Montana's Assessment Division will support student college- and career readiness through the following actions:
• Guide administrators through the local role(s) and responsibility(ies) to administer required statewide assessments in compliance with federal and state law.
• Support teachers and administrators in developing tools and utilizing assessment data to improve instruction. 
• Mentor test administrators on ensuring assessments are locally administered with fidelity and are accessible to all students. 
• Provide high-quality technical assistance to support test administration and increase assessment literacy. 
• Offer professional learning opportunities to empower educators to better utilize our balanced assessment systems.
• Foster partnerships in a collaborative environment with vested stakeholders.
• Pursue excellence in practice for evidence-based instruction and data-driven decisions.