Test security guidelines have been developed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction to be used by System Test Coordinators and Test Administrators in order to maintain the integrity of all Montana Comprehensive Assessment System (MontCAS) assessments. Following these guidelines will ensure no student has access to any form of assistance or material that could provide an unfair advantage.

The primary goal of test security is to protect the integrity of the assessment and to ensure that results are accurate and meaningful. To ensure that trends in achievement results can be calculated across years in order to provide longitudinal data, a certain number of test questions must be repeated from year to year. If any of these questions are made public, the validity of the test may be compromised because students may know the questions and answers in advance of taking the assessment.


2018-2019 School Year Test Security Activities

Read through and familiarize yourself with the 2018-2019 MontCAS Test Security Manual expectations.

Review the MontCAS Test Security Collection Schedule 2018-2019 for expectations and timelines.

Explore the dos and don'ts of test security with the MontCAS Ethical Testing Behavior Guidance.

Authorized Representatives/Principals must complete the Authorized Representative (AR) Roles and Responsibilities.

Authorized Representatives confirm System Test Coordinators in the OPI Contacts system using the OPI Contacts System Instructional Guide.

System Test Coordinators (STC) must complete the STC Roles & Responsibilities.

Test Administrators (TA) must complete the TA Roles & Responsibilities.

System Test Coordinators must use the Montana Comprehensive Assessment System (MontCAS) Application. The MontCAS Application is used to record reasons a student enrolled during the testing window did not take the tests. It also collects data about accommodations given to students both standard and nonstandard, and collects data about any irregularities that happened during the testing. A school's System Test Coordinator affirms the school's compliance and reports assessment dates.

The OPI Guidance for MontCAS Application User Guide has step-by-step instructions for completing the tasks required of System Test Coordinators in the MointCAS Application (noted above).

System Test Coordinators can use the MontCAS Online Reporting Instructions as a guide to complete these activities.

System Test Coordinators with any students taking the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) must complete the MSAA Test Security Agreement.

Test Administrators (TAs) with any students taking the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) must complete the  MSAA Test Security Agreement .

System Test Coordinators must affirm training for all persons involved in handling and administering the assessments. The OPI encourages STCs to document training using the MontCAS Test Administration Training Log.

Any person may submit a Confidential Test Irregularity Report (TIR) to the OPI. 


It is a testing irregularity to send student information over a non-secure service such as email. The OPI does not consider even encrypted emails to be secure for sensitive information such as student names and identifying details. Schools are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the OPI STUDENT RECORDS CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY and follow this guidance to maintain student confidentiality at all times.