Interims: Remote Teaching and Learning - this is a new website that provides educators with suggestions regarding how to use Smarter Balanced resources while teaching remotely, including questions and answers, do's and don'ts, videos, and planning resources. 

OPI Allowed Interim Use to Support Learning - this is state-specific guidance for schools/districts on implementing interim assessments for remote learning. 

Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments - learn more about interim assessments and the new focused interim assessment blocks.

Implementing Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments Teacher Learning Hub Course- a 2 renewal unit course that covers all you need to know about implementing Smarter Balanced interim assessments. 

Introduction to Interims - prepared presentation material for training purposes. 

How to Administer Interim Assessment One Page Document - use this handy guide to help administer the interim assessments. 

How to Administer Interim Assessment Training Materials-  prepared presentation materials for training purposes including powerpoints, handouts, and script.

Interim Data Analysis Protocol - How do I make sense of my students' interim data to make it useful for instruction? Check out the exploring, interpreting and applying interim data worksheet. 

Fall 2020 Interim Benchmark Assessments

Educators are encouraged to review the new Tools for Teachers website that has replaced the Digital Library. The new site includes lesson plans and activities designed to save teachers time. A few of the features include the interactive "Connections Playlists" you can use with interim assessments, high-quality resources aligned to learning standards, formative assessment strategies embedded in every resource, and accessibility instructional strategies.


Smarter Interim Guidance for Fall 2020- 

The OPI recommends the following sequence for utilizing the Smarter Balanced interims this 2019-2020 school year. 


Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs)

The ICAs are recommended to be given in the fall to show "prior knowledge" and growth over the school year on the same scale as the summative assessment. The ICA Performance Task (PT) requires hand-scoring on the local level in order to receive student scores. 


Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs)

The IAB's show individual student attainment of the math and ELA standards for specific learning targets and connect to online instructional resources within the Tools for Teachers. 



All Montana public and private accredited schools and students in Grades 3-12.


The ICA's measure content similar to the summative assessment and are helpful for determining the knowledge and skills of students.


In order to facilitate the implementation of interims as a benchmark assessment this fall, all Smarter Balanced interims will become available to districts starting on August 24th, individual student information will be rolled over from last school year along with the TIDE student supports/test settings. This means that the only required changes in TIDE include a) any newly enrolled student(s), b) any IEP's that have changed since the end of last year, and c) any students who are repeating the same grade this fall.


Interim assessments are housed in the Cambium portal. To permit district flexibility, remote interim administration will remain an option alongside guidance to support remote learning and teaching.


Due to the federal testing waiver on statewide assessments during the 2019-2020 school year, districts are encouraged to administer the Smarter Balanced ICA's this fall to establish a benchmark assessment.
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