Standards of Accreditation (Chapter 55)

Standards of accreditation are outlined in the Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 20-7-101: (1) Standards of accreditation for all schools must be adopted by the board of public education upon the recommendations of the superintendent of public instruction. The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) contain the standards that guarantee students the benefits of attendance in accredited schools in Title 10, Chapter 55.

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Endorsement and Course Codes


Endorsement Codes

The Montana licensure endorsement codes are mapped to a common course numbering system aligned with these endorsement codes.
MT Teacher Licensure Endorsement Codes 2017-2018

Montana Course Codes

Montana course codes are a subset of the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) Standard Codes. Along with the course code, a content description for each course is provided.
2016 – 2017 Montana Course Codes

Montana Board of Public Education


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OPI Annual Accreditation Reports

 Four Day School Week Listings

Distance, Online, and Technology Delivered Learning

Distance Online and Technology Delivered Learning is formal learning where students and teachers are separated by time and/or location with synchronous or asynchronous content, instruction, and communication between students and teachers. This instruction may consist of learning opportunities provided through a variety of media including web-based interactions online and through other emerging technologies. Distance learning options provide school districts with increased capacity to meet the education needs of their learners 

Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 10.55.907 establishes the requirements for such programs and/or courses the fulfill elementary or middle grades basic education programs and/or high school graduation requirements for Montana schools.

Distance Learning Provider Registration

Montana Digital Academy