• District AIM Contact Update Form

  • The OPI AIM Staff maintains a directory of district assigned AIM contacts.  This information is used by the OPI AIM Staff to communicate with the district staff member assigned to maintaining the information within Infinite Campus/AIM. Please do not use this form for updating Principal, Board Chair, or Superintendent information unless those persons are responsible for reporting data in AIM. This form is for AIM district staff only. District Clerks have the ability to log into the Contacts Database system and update any Superintendent, Principal, or Board Chair changes themselves. In the event a new Clerk needs access to the Contacts Database, please send an email to CentralUpdates and request access. 
  • Please indicate below whether this submission is intended to create a new AIM contact for a newly created staff position, or if it is intended to replace an existing AIM contact information on file with the OPI AIM Support staff. For security purposes, remember to review former AIM contacts in your districts' Infinite Campus for the need to expire or disable user accounts.

  • Complete the contact information.