Learn more about the required English Language Arts (ELA) and math alternate statewide assessments given in Grades 3-8, and 11 below.


The Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) is the ELA and math alternate assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities provided in place of the Smarter Balanced test in grades 3-8 and the ACT with Writing test in grade 11. The MSAA uses Core Content Connectors (CCCs) aligned to core academic content in ELA and math Montana Content Standards (2011) and the Learning Progression Frameworks. It is used by the state to provide a consistent picture of student proficiency and progress across Montana's public schools and private schools seeking accreditation. The MSAA test results, reported in the Individual Student Report, should be used to identify areas for needed improvement as well as areas of strength so that everyone can work together to help the student(s) learn the knowledge and skills of the grade-level academic content with appropriate supports.

Grade(s): 3-8 and 11

Subject(s): Math and English Language Arts

Test Time: 5-6 hours*

Testing Window: March March 11-April 26, 2024

*The test is not designed to be completed in one sitting as tests may be paused and resumed as often as necessary. A break may consist of a few minutes to a few days.

General Information

These resources include some general information about the assessment that will be helpful in learning about the state required Multi-State Alternate Assessment. Follow the links below to learn more.

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MSAA Data Literacy:

  • Review alignment of the curriculum to the Core Content Connectors, and
  • Plan instruction using data-driven practices. 

MSAA Reporting Resources:

MSAA Family Guides:

[The 2021-2022 Family Guides are going through final reviews and will be published soon]