Butte Public Schools is the Febuary 2018 Spotlight

Social Emotional Learning and Suicide Prevention starts at Kindergarten in the Butte Public School District and continues through high school.

Ashley Choquette teaching a class of Kindergarten students Zones of Regulation at Hillcrest Elementary.  Zones of Regulation is an Evidenced Based Program that teaches kids how to identify feelings and how to self-regulate those feelings.

Picture of teacher sitting on a chair reading a book to the classroomPoster of the different zones of regulation, blue/sad, green/happy, yellow/frustrated, red/anger

Emily Jonart teaching a class of 6th grade students Signs of Suicide (S.O.S.) at Margaret Leary School.  S.O.S. is an Evidenced Based Program that teaches middle school and high school students how to identify peers and/or themselves that may be showing signs of suicide and help and resources that are available.  At the end of the lesson school counselors are available to assist students that might want to talk.

teacher standing at the front of the classroom talking about signs of suicide

Butte Public Schools use a multi-tiered system of support from k-12 to teach and support all students on social emotional learning and suicide prevention.  

Sidney Public Schools is the December 2017 Spotlight

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