Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT)

Upcoming CSCT Update



OPI plans to go live with  CSCT on April 1. Below is the link to the recorded training for CSCT Required state share documents will no longer be emailed to the CSCT Districts, but accessed through the Access.Gov site. The site offers the option for payments online or through general mail.

Here is the link for the CSCT Access.Gov Training:

CSCT Access.Gov Training




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House Bill 671 moved CSCT funding responsibilities from the Department of Public Health & Human Services to the OPI 

HB 671

  To schedule further assistance, 

contact Crystal Hickman:

CSCT Certification Form

Important MOU Update

School districts should return the signed MOU to the OPI, no later than February 11, 2022, in order to be paid for claims. 

Download CSCT MOU

  • February 21, 2022, is the first payment to districts since the districts have been required to pay the state match for CMS match funding.
  • Districts are encouraged to get the revised MOU approved by their trustees in order, to get a 2/3 match for the mental health services the district is offering to some of their students through the CSCT program. Please see the resources that reference Medicaid below.

For more information, please contact Deputy Sharyl Allen, 406-444-5658.



Past CSCT Meeting Information

February 28, 2022



January 28, 2022



December 29, 2021 - Working Group

Agenda • Recording


December 16, 2021 - Clerks



December 16, 2021 - Superintendents



November 22, 2021

Agenda Recording 


November 8, 2021

Agenda Recording 


October 25, 2021

Agenda Recording 


October 4, 2021

AgendaRecording • Minutes


August 26, 2021 



August 16, 2021 



August 10, 2021 



July 12, 2021 



June 28, 2021 



June 21, 2021 


District MOU Information

Alberton School District

Arlee School District

Beaverhead County High School

Bigfork School District #38

Billings School District

Bitteroot Valley Education Coop (BVEC)

Bonner School District #14

Boulder Elementary

Bozeman Public Schools

Bridger School District

Butte School District #1

Clinton School District #32

Columbia Falls Public Schools #6

Corvallis School District

Darby School District #9

Deer Lodge School District #1

Desmet School District #20

Dillon Elementary School District

East Helena School District

Elder Grove School District

Eureka Public School District #13

Evergreen School District

Florence-Carlton School District #15-6

Frazer School District

Frenchtown School District

Gallatin County School District/Monforton School

Glendive School District #1

Great Falls Public Schools

Harlem Public Schools District #12

Harlowton School District/County of Wheatland

Havre School District #16

Helena School District #1

Hellgate School District #4

Huntley Project

Independent School District #52

Jefferson High School District #1

Kalispell Public Schools #5

Kila School District #20

Laurel Public Schools

Livingston Public Schools

Lolo School District #7

Malta School District #14A

Miles City School District #1

Missoula County Public Schools District #1

Noxon School District #10

Park City School District #5

Plains School District #1

Powder River School District/Broadus Public Schools

Powell County High School

Ramsey School District #3

Roberts Public Schools

Rosebud School District

Seeley Lake School District #34

Shepherd School District

Sheridan School District #5

Stevensville School District

Target Range School District

Thompson Falls School District

Vaughn Elementary 

Victor School District

West Valley School District

*Updated as of  8/16/22

Administrative Rule & Other Resources

In the Fall of 2017, the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) contracted with Loveland Consulting to conduct an evaluation of current Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) programs in Montana and develop recommendation and guidance to align CSCT programs with best and evidence-based practices.  This report titled Evaluating Comprehensive School and Community Treatment also provides recommendations for CSCT partners to operate effectively within the existing CSCT regulatory and billing framework.

Disclaimer: This report contains some outdated information pertaining to the Administrative Rule and the DPHHS CMHB CSCT Manual. Links to the current information are below.
ARMs Rule 37.87.18 and Manual.

The OPI continues to partner with the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)  Children's Mental Health Bureau (CMHB), whom oversees the CSCT program.  


Administrative Rule of Montana (with regards to CSCT):

  • ARM 37.87.1801 speaks to referrals and waiting lists.
  • ARM 37.87.1802 speaks to contract requirements.
  • ARM 37.87.1803 speaks to reimbursable/non-reimbursable activities, insurance billing, IEP, etc.
  • ARM 37.106.1955 speaks to admit/discharge criteria and contract requirement.
  • ARM 37.106.1956 speaks to services and staffing. 
  • ARM 37.106.1960 speaks to personnel training. 
  • ARM 37.106.1961 speaks to record keeping requirements.
  • ARM 37.106.1965 speaks to Special Education.

***Please note: The information provided is not official policy interpretation of Administrative Rule as defined in ARM 37.85.412.***

Search all rules by going to the Secretary of the State Administrative Rule's page.