AIM Advisory Groups

The AIM advisory group meetings have been cancelled.  Instead we will be sending a bulletin email (to all districts) containing the information developed for our advisory group meeting.  We will continue to invite topics from the districts along with OPI staff and Infinite Campus.  (AIM state reporting highlights, introductions to other OPI staff with discussions on their student data projects, upcoming Infinite Campus version updates and the OPI AIM Unit ‘work in progress’)

Also, in an attempt to increase our collaboration, communication and district participation in discussions, we will be developing an online forum.  The forum will be open for all districts, OPI staff and Infinite Campus participants. 

We are also preparing to conduct online AIM training. These training will be for all districts and will be topic specific about our AIM Collections. They will be targeted toward district groups such as new users, advanced users along with separate Montana Edition and District Edition sections/versions. 

Thank you for your past participation in these groups. We appreciate your time and input.  We are looking forward to continuing to grow our collaboration, with hearing districts ideas, concerns and feedback.  We hope you will find value in our bulletins, forum and training.  

We welcome your feedback on this new way of communicating, our processes, topics and our work. 

Thank you for all you do!

The OPI AIM Staff