The traffic education curriculum modules distributed by the Office of Public Instruction meet the Montana traffic education standards and benchmarks described in the Curriculum Guide for Teen Driver Education and Training.

Refer to the Curriculum Modules List for a description of all curriculum modules and how to integrate with behind-the-wheel instruction. Each module contains one or more PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets and worksheets. Quizzes and pre-tests are provided online. Final tests are only available to traffic education teachers upon request.

This material is the property of the State of Montana and can only be used for educational purposes. It was developed in 2006 and updated in 2014 with funding from the OPI and the Highway Traffic Safety Office of the Montana Department of Transportation.

WHAT'S NEW IN THE MONTANA TEEN DRIVER CURRICULUM?  Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Guide for driver educators teaching new teen drivers published October 2017. Replaces BTW Lesson Plan Guidelines. Includes a section on evaluating teen drivers' performance and progress.

Acronyms: PPT - Powerpoint Presentation; PDF - Adobe Acrobat; FS - Factsheet; WS - Worksheet

Montana Traffic Education Curriculum Guide 2013