Federal Title Programs Monitoring Checklist

Common Compliance Areas

Submit your supporting & required documentation for each section by following these steps:

  • Use this webpage as a checklist.
  • Save this completed checklist as pdf and upload it into your districts unique Monitoring Portfolio on Google Drive.
  • Upload required documentation into your district's unique Monitoring Portfolio on Google Drive.

If you have questions please contact Kimberly Rebich, Federal Grants Coordinator, Kimberly.Rebich@mt.gov, 406-410-4578.

Notice to all districts: Due to the wide range of district and school parental notification forms, and the fact that many do not meet federal requirements, beginning with School Year (SY) 2021-22, TransACT documents must be used. Those sections where TransACT forms must be used are identified within the Monitoring Tool. The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) pays for a state subscription to TransACT for all Montana districts.

The Montana OPI has partnered with TransACT Communications to provide state approved and legally-reviewed parent notices, forms, and letters at no cost for district and school staff. TransACT Customer Care: support@transact.com | 425-977-2100

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  • Item: CC-A

  • Expenditures are being maintained at the LEA for Title I and Title II A areas.

    Expenditures are for allowable and approved activities. Expenditures supplement/not supplant state and local funds. (Subpart E-Cost principals of UGG)  

    Note: If the district is required to set-aside funds to provide services to Homeless or Neglected or Delinquent students enrolled in non-Title I schools, please include a detailed report of how those funds were used.

  • Item: CC-B

  • The LEA has received the appropriate audit per CFR 200.501 audit requirements


    Note: Provided by the OPI. The district does not need to include in the portfolio.

  • Item: CC-C

  • The LEA has a current inventory of any materials purchased with Title IA funds.   

    This includes the specific location of the item.

  • Item: CC-D

  • Materials, supplies, and equipment purchased with Title I- A funds are labeled as purchased with federal funds. 

  • Item: CC-E

  • The LEA meets comparability requirements:

    1. Policy to ensure equivalence among schools in teachers, administrators, and other staff
    2. Policy to ensure equivalence among schools in the provision of curriculum materials and instructional supplies
    3. A district-wide salary schedule


    Note: Not Applicable if only one school per grade span.

    Comparability calculations worksheets for the first checkbox below are found on the OPI Improving Basic Programs page

  • Item: CC-F

  • The LEA has internal controls to monitor time and effort.

  • Item: CC-G

  • The LEA ensures that all teachers and paraprofessionals working in a program supported by funds under Title I, Part A meet applicable state certification and license requirements. Instructional Paraprofessionals must be under the direct supervision of a licensed teacher, ARM 10.55.715.

  • For Items CC-H through CC-K regarding state assessments, direct questions to Marcy Fortner at 406-444-3511 or e-mail at MFortner@mt.gov

    To ensure school districts meet the requirements under ESEA/ESSA Section 1111(b)(2) for implementing comparable, fair, valid and reliable assessment systems, the LEA must demonstrate compliance in test administration, test accessibility, test security, data use, and test training with items CC-H through CC-K. These requirements ensure state assessments are administered in a consistent and standardized way to measure student proficiency and progress on the State’s challenging academic standards over time and to address educational needs.  

  • Item: CC-H

  • Item: CC-I

  • Item: CC-J

  • Item: CC-K

  • Item: CC-L

  • Foster Care 


    Describe how the agency, which provides child welfare services to the child, determines whether it is in the best interest of the child to remain in his or her school of origin. (Sec. 1112(c)(5) (Sec. 1111(g)(1)(E))

  • Item: CC-M

  • Describe how the LEA tracks the progress of foster care students. (Sec. 1111(g)(1)(E))   

  • Item: CC-N

  • Describe how the LEA notifies the OPI of Tribal foster care students.

    • (Sec. 1111(g)(1)(E))  

  • Item: CC-O

    • Provide LEA assurance that children in foster care are immediately enrolled in a new school when a determination is made that remaining in their school of origin is not in their best interest.
    • Provide LEA assurance that new enrolling school immediately contacts the school of origin to obtain relevant academic and other key records. (Sec. 1111(g)(1)(E))

  • Item: CC-P

  • Summarize the policy criteria used to determine when the LEA provides a pupil who leaves foster care the right to remain enrolled in his or her school of origin. (Sec. 1112(c)(5))

  • Item: CC-Q

  • How long are transportation services provided for eligible students.

  • Item: CC-R

  • Home Language Survey 


    • The LEA ensures that the Statewide Home Language Survey (HLS) is given to all newly enrolled students.
    • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; ESSA Section 3113(b)(2).

    Note: HLS is in all students’ cumulative files, if necessary.

  • Item: CC-S

  • English Learners 

    *Applies to districts that have potential and/or identified ELs.

    If you have questions, please contact Serena Wright, English Learner Specialist, serena.wright@mt.gov.

    • The LEA follows the process in screening, identifying, serving, and assessing English Learners.
    • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; ESSA Section 3113(b)(2)    
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Save checklist as PDF and upload it into your district's unique Monitoring Portfolio on Google Drive.