Sharing Your School's Report Card

The OPI has made it easy for you to share your School and District Report Cards with families and the community. Using the links below, replace the "SchoolCode" or "LEnumber" portion of the web address with your school code or LE number and the new link will display the corresponding report card. 

Concerns, Errors and Omissions With a Report Card:

If you suspect errors or omissions on a report card, or just have questions about the information on a report card, you should contact the individual at your school or district responsible for the data in question.  Because the information on the report cards primarily comes from schools and districts, those individuals can typically best explain or address concerns with the data on their report cards.  If they are unable to address your concerns or for more information, please visit the OPI's Data Integrity Page.


School Report Card:

District Report Card:


You can also connect your families and community to the State Report Card by using the link below:


Information about GEMS


GEMS (which stands for Growth and Enhancement of Montana Students) is Montana’s Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System. You and others in your community can use GEMS to find more detailed public reports and data about your school and district. As a school official, you can also access unmasked student-level information on the secure GEMS site

Use this form to request access to the secure GEMS site.  


OPI Staff are here to help:

GEMS Help Desk, 406-444-5222


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