Data Integrity


Montana schools, districts and the Office of Public Instruction work in partnership to ensure that all data collaboratively collected, maintained and reported are:


Accurate – The data is “correct” and free of errors.  Fundamentally important for all data.

Timely – All data has specific timeframes and deadlines for collection and reporting.  This is especially important where the data collected is a requirement for funding or integral to a “snapshot”, or point in time picture of the data.

Veracious – Data collections should be conducted with fidelity and via sound practices that are free from manipulation or unauthorized modification or entry.  Fidelity is particularly critical to financial and student assessment and performance data.

Consistent – In order for data to be meaningful over time, consistency in methodologies and practices are paramount, especially in reporting where data may be compared.


Montana schools, districts and the Office of Public Instruction follow well-defined and continuously improving processes, procedures and controls, and perform extensive quality assurance and control measures that all combine to ensure the integrity of the data we publish.  Despite these efforts, errors and omissions sometimes occur.


Errors and Omissions


If you have identified an error or omission in data publicly published or reported by the Office of Public Instruction, you should first contact the school or district whose data you believe is in error.  They typically can explain their data best and determine if an error or omission has occurred.


SCHOOLS AND DISTRICTS: If you have identified an error in published or publicly reported data, please contact the OPI’s Chief Data Officer