Kalispell Middle School - Jeff Hornby, Assistant Principal

KMS Home Base 

Every week Mr. Hornby sends an email to all KMS staff to use as a Teach To on behalf of their Home Base universal expectations to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  Mr. Hornby gives a challenge around getting to know their school staff members better, the topic of the week, possible activites that staff can use around the topic, and other valuable information.  This was for the week of Jan20-Feb 2, 2018:

Know Your School:

Can you identify the following KMS staff members and the role(s) they play? What is their collective name?

Picture of nine staff members from kalispell middle school

Topic of the Week:

As we start February, we have agreed to focus on a few related topics (Diversity, tolerance and a general shared concept of respect for others).  This first week's topic is Diversity.  Hector Ortiz describes it like this: "Diversity is a fundamental asset in any community. The understanding of diversity is about much more than just tolerance and avoiding judgment or stereotyping.  Diversity and inclusion in a world populated with differences is not just a common-sense decision; it is the foundation of our country and the essence of our development as a great nation. Freedom, equity and respect of human dignity are values that make this nation so remarkable."


Possible Activities for the Week:

1.  This Edutopia site has 3 activities that fit with this week's topic.  They are simple and won't take much planning.  https://www.edutopia.org/discussion/activities-understanding-respect-and-diversity

2.  Since Diversity has a lot to do with seeing beyond our stereotypes and learning about the person, this video is very good for this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AFEmZ62lVw

3.  This video is an ad for why you should work for this particular company (Autodesk), but the things they say are applicable to the topic of the week:  https://www.autodesk.com/company/diversity-and-inclusion

4. You do not know someone just based on how they look:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL6ejKEPGX0


Know Your School Key:

This is Team Paideia.  The term Paideia comes from ancient Greek term meaning the rearing and education of the ideal member of a community...citizenship.  The team is made up of:  (left to right) Mrs. Meulman, Dr. Rider, Mrs. Schule, Ms Hunt, Mr. Kelner, Mr. Holmgren, Mr. Wilson, Ms Olson, Mrs. Iams.  

Focusing on Being Respectful with topics like Diversity, Toalerance and a general shared  concept of respect for others promotes a Bully-Free and comfortable climate for the whole school community.  Thanks Mr. Hornby! GO KMS !


Past Spotlights:

Deer Park Public Schools - Ryan Rague

Written by: Gifted/Talented Students at Deer Park School

“Stand Up”

Some do all they can just to make it day by day,

Some do all in their power to set someone astray,

There are many who stand by and watch it happen,

Pretend they can do nothing about what happened yesterday.


But in reality, regardless of what they may think,

All they have to do is say something, stand up,

Make someone grow, whom a bully made shrink,

They can make a difference, make a change.


The lives that have been wrongly ruined can be saved,

So next time you see a bully in action, don’t go unscathed,

Don’t be a bystander and a useless body in the way,

Stand up and make a difference, stand up and make a change.


We need to support the persecuted, the booted, the looted, the ones we should befriend.

Tyranters, harassers, oppressors, intimidators, bullies, should be put to an end.

All we have to do is back up, wake up, and stand up, to help the victims and defend.

We need to help those in need, we will stop being bystanders indeed, and the bully’s actions we will fend.


Bullies’ actions set a person to fire,

They make someone feel so small, so little,

Their words and actions are reckless, clueless, and filled with nonsense,

One after the other, they go through victims with no conscience.

Hurting someone’s reputation, and leaving someone out,

Is like shattering a person’s dreams just to watch them strikeout.

It is no good, not smart, for one day it will all be thrown back to you,

And there you will be stuck on the bench, not knowing what to do.


So many thoughts run through your head,

Will you apologize, or run away instead?

Being the bigger person is no longer an option,

Unless your integrity is up for adoption.


How far will you go before you’ve gone too far?

When will you realize how much hatred you have brought upon yourself?

You were the shadow that darkened their star,

You left them feeling rejected, isolated, outdated, secluded, faded.  


You don’t yet understand the destruction you have caused,

Instead of excluding start including, don’t point out others’ flaws.

Don’t always be trying to shut people down,

Lend a hand, don’t let them drown.   


When push comes to shove and hit comes to kick,

When retreat fails, and retaliation turns to panic,

Salvation seems to be a distant dream,

Impossible to find, to hold, or so it would seem.


When the fists don’t stop coming down,

The bruises and beatings never seem to end,

They try to protect themselves but it’s too much to fend,

They try to stand up, but are pushed down and down,


By the relentless fists of the bullies and abusers,

The ones who, for some reason choose to be losers,

Ones who harass and destroy like it’s a sport,

Who choose to do things that only fall short,


Of stupidity and lack of self-control,

They have to take their anger, their issues out,

On those who don’t deserve it; the feeling of doubt

Instead of getting help, they choose to harm.


They drive a stake of hate and pain ever deeper,

Into the emotions and minds of the weaker,

Slowly destroying their self-esteem and character,

And in the end, another life, another human: ruined.


So stand up, stop them from throwing a punch,

All at once, bones and lives being crunched.

Help them feel safe when they walk down the hallways,

Help them be able to stand confident always,


Nowadays not all technology is a luxury,

Instead, it sometimes leaves kids in a deep recovery,

People tend to say sentences they would never say in person,

A mean expression, all caps aggression, an impolite confession.

It could all start with one rude comment,

And then the rage spreads as fast as a swift current,

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Twitter too,

The media sites just seem to be full of gossip that’s not even true.


Although one’s face cannot be seen,

They are hurting deeper than what is shown on the screen,

It takes but one rude comment to ruin someone’s day,

If you can’t text something nice, throw the phone away.


Once something is done, undoing the damage is no longer an option,

You are never torn between what's wrong and what's right,

You always choose to be the irreverent toxin,

Be the better person and choose not to write, for once, get off the website.


It only takes a few seconds to bring a victim down,

Admit it as well, it can take only a minute to bring someone back ‘round,

Is all of this really worth your time, in your prime, worth the climb?

Why don’t you try something new in the meantime?


We need to bring online harassment to an end,

Think twice about the message before you hit send,

Speed up, stand up, cheer up, don’t give up, turn the world around,

Don’t hide in the background, be the voice, be the sound.


They say words don’t hurt people, can’t carry weight or do harm,

But somehow they can move people, make change or show charm.

Words can be just as powerful, as effective as a knife or firearm,

Or used correctly can be as helpful as medicine or a fire alarm,


In a fire that’s already burning, the cauldron that is already churning,

The fight that uses words as a weapon, insults keep on slipping,

Beating down like hammers on the victims to endless reigns of hate,

For once, put yourself in their shoes and try to relate.


For the ones who don’t have the courage to stand up and fight,

Who take the beating, the insults, the rejection and store it inside.

And the ones who try to stand up but get smashed by the weight of,

The insults that keep coming and soon the person no longer knows what they're made of.


So don’t just stand by and watch as someone gets crushed,

Hopes lost, dreams killed, adulthood rushed,

Brought on suddenly by having to grow up and take it,

So stand up, and make life for others as you would for yourself:


Better, that’s what they deserve; what have they ever done to earn the rejection?

They shared feelings, motives, trying to get some affection,

All they need to survive the onslaught of insults is the feeling of protection,

So stand up and help give the weak some sense of direction.


Connection is what they need to feel like they matter in society,

Rather than constant rejection and depression they need variety,

In their life, when nothing good seems to be coming their way

Stand up, help them, don’t be the one known to betray.


Life should be simple, happy, or so it would seem,

Life without worry, without fear, remains only a dream,

When there are those who will beat you down,

Ignore you, insult you, shove you to the ground.


Send you insults and empty accusations,

Ask of you too much, far too high of expectations,

Although you know, believe at first it isn’t true,

Eventually, after days, weeks, months, they get to you,  


Bullies these days are unbelievable and inconceivable,

They torture, and torment just to make themselves seem unstoppable, unbeatable,

But the truth is, deep down inside, they know they are just as equal as you,

What is it going to take to stop them? One bystander to stand up? Or two?