MTSS is an effective and efficient framework for improving school outcomes, student performance, and ensuring equitable access to a quality education.


Why MTSS Infographic

Why Implement MTSS?

The benefits of Multi-tiered Systems of Support include quality instruction, a team approach for identifying individual student needs, providing evidence-based tiered interventions, and data-driven procedures for monitoring student progress.  The framework is comprehensive, efficient, and effective.  The MTSS problem-solving approach addresses academics, behavior, attendance, and social needs -- improving learning outcomes for EVERY student.

Benefits to Schools in Montana

  • Leadership and tiered teams implement a systematic approach to MTSS implementation. Key decision makers look at the effects of implementation and adjust the systems, data, and practices for academics and behavior as needed for the success of all students.


MTSS has provided a framework to guide our data driven decision making process at Anderson School. Our leadership team reviews behavior and academic data on a consistent basis and this has been instrumental in prioritizing adjustments to our systems and practices.  Student success has been greatly enhanced with the implementation of our MTSS process. 

Heidi Fasting, Student Coordinator/ MTSS Facilitator, Anderson School in Bozeman, MT


  • Universal school-wide positive behavior expectations and supports, culturally and linguistically responsive practices, and social emotional learning are ongoing throughout the school year to help create a safe and positive learning environment for all.


One of the most important things for every school is consistency and clarity of expectations. This can be a difficult process. MTSS was the framework we used to achieve consensus within our staff and to positively reinforce what we expect of our students.   

Jeff Friesen, Principal, Lewistown Junior High School in Lewistown, MT


  • Teachers and school staff benefit from MTSS professional development related to screening, progress monitoring, and research/evidence-based instruction and interventions, leading to better preparation for teaching all of their students and resulting in improved student outcomes.

“Utilizing MTSS professional development for screening and progress monitoring has enabled our staff to consistently implement data-driven decisions, thus resulting in improved student outcomes.  All of our teachers use the same process with fidelity so we know all students are treated fairly and given equal opportunities to succeed.”

Jill Gliko, K-12 Counselor, Belt School


  • Data-based decision making is ongoing throughout the school year and leads to early intervention and continuous improvement for all students. 


Using MTSS has enabled us to support our Tier 2 and Tier 3 children with data. When our team developed specific goals and objectives for each child and they were implemented and reviewed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis gains were made. We were looking forward to our end of the year data, and Covid 19 happened.

    Kootenai Valley Head Start, Libby, MT


  • Researched-based instruction, universal screening, progress monitoring, and quality  instruction and interventions are in place.  As soon as student need arises for tiered support or enrichment, the correct practices are put into place, leading to student success at an accelerated rate. 


MTSS has given us a framework to work from to ensure our school improvement process is moving forward each year. With our MTSS systems in place and going into the school closure this past year, we were able to connect with all students more effectively and we had more in depth knowledge on how to support our students with the highest needs.   

Tim Majerus, Principal, Fergus High School in Lewistown, MT


  • The MTSS framework of supportive systems, continuous data review, and application of evidence based practices supports engaged communication between families, school staff, and the community for the benefit of all students.


It's hard to argue the benefits the MTSS model has provided for our students, staff, school system, and parents, and it's been rewarding watching this transformation take place over the years.  The process of implementing MTSS and the professional development that came with it not only grew our understanding and the importance of collecting and using data to guide decision making, but increased our understanding of the importance of using research-based instruction and interventions with fidelity as well.  The process also led to increased communication and collaboration amongst staff and between the school and families.  In addition, implementing MTSS has led to more consistency within the school system despite the occasional turnover of staff, and has helped better meet the individual academic, behavioral, and social emotional needs of our students.  Finally, implementing MTSS has helped develop our teacher leaders as well as helped continue to grow our team based approach and positive school culture.

Brian Hilton, Principal, Ennis Elementary in Ennis, MT