How do we get started? This is one of the first questions about MTSS. 


Some of the answers to this question might include:


  1. What is your mission/vision statement?  Discuss with your team how Multi-Tiered Systems of Support might support those core beliefs and goals.


  1. Do you need a team?  Discuss this with your administrator and put together a team, representative of your school, who want to create a multi-tiered system of supports.  It is vital to have your administration on board for essential support and leadership.


  1. Use your school data as the basis for discussing why your school needs MTSS.  This may include academics, social/behavioral, attendance, climate, and staff, student, and parent surveys. 


  1. Access the MTSS Overview on the OPI Teacher Learning Hub and review it with colleagues, teams, or individually. 


  1. Or . . .  you could put together a District MTSS Training Plan or a School MTSS Training Plan that includes:
  • expanding your District and/or Building Teams' knowledge of Multi-Tiered System of Supports and the purpose of the MTSS systems framework
  • the importance of data-driven decision making
  • how to identify school-wide, grade level and individual student needs
  • setting up evidence-based interventions
  • an ongoing monitoring/review process to view outcomes
  • a comprehensive problem-solving approach that addresses academic, behavior, attendance, and social-emotional needs -- improving learning outcomes for EVERY student!