2020 Competition Details


The Montana Office of Public Instruction has determined a competition will not be held in the year 2020 for 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Due to all funds being awarded in previous years a competition will not be held. If funds any funds become available, they will be used for supplemental grants for current sub-grantees. Montana currently has 29 grantees and 91 centers operating across the state. The grant cycle is 5 years. For more information, please contact michelle.cusey@mt.gov or 406-444-3519.





Upcoming Events

New Director's Training

January 7, 2020 9am-3pm- Red Lion Hotel Polson, MT

January 8, 2020 9am-3pm- Bozeman School District (Wilson Building, 311 W. Main St.)


This training will focus on helping new programs be prepared for their upcoming monitoring visit as well as provide assistance with data entry. 

All are welcome to come participate and collaborate with new programs! 

Click here to register!  

Continuing Application 

The continuing application will tentatively open January 2020. 




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