2020 Competition Details


The Montana Office of Public Instruction has determined a competition will not be held in the year 2020 for the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers.  Due to all funds being awarded in previous years a competition will not be held.  If funds any funds become available, they will be used for supplemental grants for current sub-grantees.  Montana currently has 29 grantees and 91 centers operating across the state.  The grant cycle is 5 years.  For more information, please contact michelle.cusey@mt.gov or 406-444-3519.

Please see the OPI's COVID-19 Information Page


If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Michelle Cusey at michelle.cusey@mt.gov. 


Upcoming Events

Online Professional Development 

Thursday 4/2: 1:00 Afternoon Networking Conversation with MTAA

Monday 4/6: 9:00 Online PD- Summer Learning Webinar and discussion

Monday 4/6: 11:00 Y4Y Leadership Academy 

Tuesday 4/7: 11:00 Y4Y Leadership Academy 

Tuesday 4/7: 12:30 Online PD- experts from the field share STEM & Summer Programming Ideas

Wednesday 4/8: 11:00 Y4Y Leadership Academy 

Thursday 4/9: 9:30 Online PD- How to develop an online website

Thursday 4/9: 11:00 Y4Y Leadership Academy 

Thursday 4/9: 1:00 Afternoon Networking Conversation with MTAA

**Y4Y is offering multiple different Webinars for the next month. Please be sure to check their website.***

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Continuing Application 

The continuing application is open! Please submit by May 1, 2020.




Master Calendar