The 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide funds to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and community-based organizations through a competitive grant process. Awards must be for $50,000 or more and will be 5 years in duration. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide opportunities for academic enrichment during non-school hours (before-school, after-school and summer) in a community learning center environment. Services reinforce and complement regular academic programs and offer literacy and educational development to students and families.  

  • Vacant Educational Program Representative,  406.444.3519
  • Amanda Domino, Data Control Specialist, 406.444.1964 , FAX: 406.444.2955
  • Tracy Moseman, Coordinated School Health Unit Manager, 406.444.3000



2019 Grant Application Information

Competitive Open & Close Dates (FINAL):

  • OPEN DATE: The application is now open: March 20, 2019
  • CLOSE DATE: April 29, 2019 no later than 2:00 PM

Please note that 21st CCLC programs may not collect program income or charge parent/family fees to participate.

2019 Grant Application Guidance - (Updated 3/20/2019)

Application FAQs - Please submit questions to OPI21stCCLCAppFAQ . Answers will be entered onto FAQs within 48 hrs.

Sample Logic Model

2019 Grant Application Scoring Rubric- (Updated 2/14/2019)This rubric details how the grant readers will score each answer within the application.

2018-2019 Grantee Information

Upcoming Events:

2018-2019 Surveys: Survey Administration Guide

The surveys will open and available for administration as of March 4th.
  • Teacher Survey – due April 30th
  • School Administrator Survey– due June 1st
  • Student Survey– due April 30th
  • Parent Survey – due June 1st
  • Center Staff Survey– due June 1st
  • Center Administrator Survey– due June 1st

Yearly Information:




21st CCLC Site Center List


Map Legend:

  • Blue - Awarded in 2014
  • Purple - Awarded in 2015
  • Orange - Awarded in 2018