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Adults and teens can develop skills to respond safely to driving risks at Montana DRIVE workshops, on track in Lewistown, MT since 1979.

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The Summer 2018 schedule and registration for the Montana DRIVE adult workshops will be announced in February 2018.  One-day adult workshops begin in early June and end in mid-August. Adult workshops cost $330 per driver and must be paid in advance of the scheduled workshop. All drivers must pre-register.

Registration for the Teen Workshops (one-day workshops offered for three days in July 2018) will be announced in March 2018.

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The one-day workshop includes two hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel maneuvers on a closed raceway track near the Lewistown Airport. Each workshop is limited to 12 drivers with 4 instructors, so every driver benefits from individual attention and has hours of hands-on practice behind the wheel of the Skid car and/or school bus, King Cab truck, or ambulance. Drivers learn to respond safely to typical driving risks, gaining confidence and skill.

I was driving home to Great Falls from Missoula on Highway 200. In a hurry, I decided to pass another vehicle on the two-lane road. The problem was, there was black ice on the road and as I pulled into the other lane the back end of the truck started fishtailing to the left. I immediately let off the gas, gripped the wheel, prayed fervently and pointed the truck straight down the highway as I had been taught in your workshop. Thankfully the back end swung back, but then it started fishtailing in the other direction.

Again, I repeated what I had learned in the driving course, pointing the vehicle straight down the highway without any gas or brake, stared vehemently at a distant point in the middle of the road, and thankfully the back end swung back into line and the vehicle recovered. I about passed out it was so scary. But I avoided spinning out twice in about 2 seconds on an icy two-lane road. Looking back on it, there is no question the training offered in Lewistown saved me from what could have been a disaster. 

-- Fred, State of Montana Safety Trainer