Montana's state-approved traffic education instructors are dedicated professionals who are specially trained to offer high-quality driver education and traffic safety training in more than 130 school districts. Driver education teachers use a curriculum with hands-on classroom activities as well as a minimum of six hours behind the wheel. 


New Driver Educators

To teach traffic education in Montana’s public schools, teachers must have an active Montana educator license, an acceptable driving record, and at least 8 semester credits in initial traffic education coursework taken at Montana State University-Northern. Traffic education courses taken elsewhere might be transferable to Montana.

Traffic education teachers are in demand in Montana. One way a school fills this gap is to encourage a currently employed teacher to seek the traffic education endorsement. In just a few weeks from late spring to early summer, an educator can receive enough training to begin teaching traffic education in mid-summer with initial approval from the OPI Traffic Education Office.  Download the 2018 Traffic Education Course schedule at MSU-Northern this summer.

The application for NEW teachers wanting to become a traffic education teacher is here.  Please wait until you've earned the initial college credits to submit this form.

To learn more about becoming a teacher of traffic education and what is required to maintain your approval, download Teaching Traffic Education in Montana FAQs

Approval & Endorsement

Driver educators who have received their first approval need to continue earning traffic education credits toward their traffic education endorsement. After the first eight initial credits, a minimum of 12 additional credits need to be earned. See Steps to Traffic Education Approval and Endorsement at right for details.

Visit the Montana State University-Northern (Havre) website for more information on obtaining the required credits to maintain approval while working toward a traffic education minor. 

Renew Approval Every Five Years

All driver educators must renew their approval to teach traffic education the same year their educator license comes up for renewal. Teachers who are still working toward their endorsement must earn at least four traffic education college credits during that five-year renewal period.  

We have simplified the process for all renewals. Submit your Renewal Form online!  

Steps to Traffic Ed Approval and Endorsement
Plan ahead to earn the credits that are required for approval. Contact the Traffic Education Office or MSU Northern for assistance.

DOJ MVD logoCooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP) Certification

All state-approved traffic educators in Montana must be CDTP-trained and certified. Training is provided at MSU Northern as part of the initial coursework to become a traffic education teacher. Upon hiring by a school district, the instructor and the district must submit required forms to the MVD/DOJ to be certified to give CDTP tests to students.

To obtain CDTP forms and documents, contact the Traffic Education Office. If you have TEDRS access, you can download CDTP learner license and road test forms from within that application.

Montana Traffic Education Association

Montana Traffic Education Association

The OPI Traffic Education Office partners with the Montana Traffic Education Association throughout the year to guide professional development opportunities for Montana’s traffic educators. We also co-host the annual spring conference for traffic safety and driver education professionals.

  • Become a member or recruit a new member in your school district.
  • Visit to read MTEA News and learn more about the organization.
  • Plan to attend the 2018 annual spring conference April 22-24 in Bozeman. 
  • Find conference handouts and presentations below.
  • New conference attendees can put their name in a drawing for one of three $150 David Huff Memorial Scholarships.
  • Find MTEA on Facebook!