When we work together, we can make Montana bully-free!

Bully Free Montana

Administrative Rules of Montana require all schools to have policies and procedures addressing bullying behavior in schools, on school buses, at school-sponsored activities, and online. Montana Code Annotated defines law relative to bullying.

This page contains resources for students, parents and schools, including:

  • Model policies and procedures for schools,
  • Montana’s Student Protections and Procedures accreditation rule,
  • What you can do if you are being bullied,
  • How to respond to cyber-bullying,
  • Tips for parents, and
  • Links to state and national resources.



Bullying Prevention Resources


Resources for Schools

*NEW* Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Among Rural and Tribal Youth on the Teacher Learning Hub.

Bully Free Montana: A Toolkit for Educators, Families, and Students

Building Respect: Bullying Prevention 

  • This interactive professional development simulation uses role-play with emotionally responsive virtual students to help teacher, staff, and administrators learn the skills of motivational interviewing, skills they can use to help students open up about and connect with support.  Free to all Montana public school educators, staff, and key partners through the MT OPI's Teacher Learning Hub.

Administrative Rules: Student Protection Procedures

Model Bullying Policy

Four Steps for Schools

Checklist for Schools

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) Framework 

  • Creates behavioral supports and a social culture that establishes social, emotional and academic success for all students.

School Safety Resources

PAX Good Behavior Game

  • Announcing this FABULOUS opportunity for pre-K through 5th grade classrooms across our state!  The PAX GBG is an evidence-based practice that has been widely shown to prevent substance abuse as well as suicide and other maladaptive behaviors. For further information please contact the Prevention Bureau at: AMDD Email or 406.444.6981.

Safe In Your Space 

  • Montana Department of Justice, Safe in Your Space program for students, parents and schools on cyber-bullying and online safety.


  • A five-lesson toolkit for educators that encourages middle school students to think critically about healthy relationships, power dynamics, boundaries, and consent.  

National School Mental Health Curriculum 

  • Learn more about a new FREE curriculum for school mental health available in Montana available through the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network.

Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms and Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation's School Buses.  

  • Training toolkits from the National Center on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments to assist teachers and bus drivers to cultivate meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate. 

What We Know and What It Means for Schools

  • The relationship between bullying and suicide


  • U.S. Dept. of Education resources for schools, students and parents


  • U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security- Create a safer school environment by addressing bullying and cyberbullying. 


Incident Investigation Form

Incident Reporting Form


Resources for Students

Fact Sheets for Students

The Bystander

Safe in Your Space

  • From the Montana DOJ, encourages children, parents and teachers to talk with one another about how to stay safe online.  Includes specific resources for Teens and Tweens on cyberbullying, networking, and savvy interacting. 


  • U.S. Dept. of Education resources for schools, students and parents.



Picture of SAMHSA App and link to prevention webpageInfo for Parents

If you're concerned your child is being bullied, here are some steps to understand your rights and addressing the situation.

  1. Understand that Montana law defines bullying and the responsibility of schools to address bullying activity.
  2. Review the MCA Definition of bullying to determine if the behavior falls under the prohibited behaviors.
  3. Ask to see a copy of the school’s bullying policy and procedures. Administrative Rules of Montana, 10.55.719 identifies the ways in which the school’s policy must protect students from bullying.
  4. Report the incident to the school and follow any necessary procedures under the school’s bullying policy. 

You can review all the state’s bullying laws and your rights to address it under MCA 20.5.201-20.5.210

Other Resources

Tips for Parents

Incident Reporting Form

Administrative Rules: Student Protection Procedures

KnowBullying App 

  • From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Safe In Your Space 

  • Montana Department of Justice, Safe in Your Space program for students, parents and schools on cyber-bullying and online safety


  • U.S. Dept. of Education resources for schools, students and parents

What is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents, and Teachers

In addition to these resources, if you believe that a child is a victim of bullying due to a federally protected characteristic such as the child's race or religion, please visit the OPI's Title IX page or contact the OPI's Title IX Coordinator at Jeffrey.Kirksey@mt.gov or call 406.444.3161 for more information

Special Needs

OPI Staff are here to help:

Title IX Questions:

Rob Stutz, Chief Legal - 406-444-4399 

Program Questions:

Paige Sedahl, Title IV-A SSAE Program Manager - 406.422.2821

Michelle Cusey, Coordinated School Health Unit Director- 406.431.3029