All sponsors, regardless of participation in SSO or CEP are to submit the

Verification Report in MAPS by November 30th.

Districts operating SSO that collected free and reduced-price meal applications are
required to verify three percent of the applications on file by November 15th.
See the Supplement Household Verification Flyer that may accompany materials sent to households.
District's that did not collect applications and those operating CEP district-wide will not have
any applications to verify but must submit the verification report in MAPS with
the following items completed: 1-1 and check the boxes for items 5-1 and 5-6.


*New* Online Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application

If your school has signed up to use this online application, please click below. 

Application | User Guide | ADA Compliance

Public Release Requirement

For SY 2021-2022, all districts are required to send a SSO/Non-Pricing or NSLP/Pricing Public Release.

For questions, contact OPI School Nutrition Programs at 406-444-2501.

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