New Online Free & Reduced-Price Meal Application

Opt into the online free and reduced-price application in the DCA. Once you opt in, copy a URL to publicize to your families. You can process applications that are submitted. The eligibility math is done for you in the system.

There is a User Manual on the DCA login page to give you information about how the system operates and how to setup your district. Call Bitsey Draur, IT Project Manager, with questions at 406-461-5423.

DCA Login
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Meal Eligibility Updates 

30-Day Carryover Guidance for SY 2022-2023

Schools that operated under the SSO in SY 2021-2022 and do not have eligibility determinations from SY 2021-2022 should use the most recent free and reduced-price determinations since SY 2019-2020 for the 30-day carryover period of SY 2022-2023.

Public Release

The OPI has completed the SNP Public Release on behalf of schools for SY2022-2023

Forms & Policy

Meal Counting & Claiming

Direct Certification

Community Eligibility Provision





For questions, contact OPI School Nutrition Programs at 406-444-2501.

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