Standards of accreditation are outlined in the Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 20-7-101: (1) Standards of accreditation for all schools must be adopted by the board of public education upon the recommendations of the superintendent of public instruction. The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) contain the standards that guarantee students the benefits of attendance in accredited schools in Title 10, Chapter 55 (ARM 10.55).


ARM 10.55 Standards of Accreditation

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ARM 10.55 Standards of Accreditation Appendices

ARM 10.55 Standards of Accreditation Appendix Files


Chapter 55 Appendix A

Determining the Accreditation Status of Schools

  • Accreditation Status Criteria Reference Guide - Coming Soon 

Chapter 55 Appendix B

Licensure Endorsement Requirements Related to Teaching Assignments

Chapter 55 Appendix C

Assignment of School Administrators, Library Media Specialist,
and School Counselor FTE

Chapter 55 Appendix D

Intensive Assistance Process

Chapter 55 Appendix E

Variances to Standards

Chapter 55 Appendix F

Montana Educator Evaluation

Chapter 55 Appendix G

School Fiscal Year, Term, Day, Week, Conduct on Weekends,
Pupil Instruction Related (PIR) Days, Holidays, and Emergency Closure

Chapter 55 Appendix H

Gifted and Talented Programs

Chapter 55 Appendix I

Student Records

Chapter 55 Appendix J

General Facilities Information


Related Administrative Rules

OPI Annual Accreditation Report

Four Day School Week Listings