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ESSA requires each school district to appoint a staff member to serve as a “homeless liaison.” The designated staff person must have the capacity to perform the duties of the liaison. ESSA, Title IX, Part A, Sec. 9102(g)(1)(J)(ii) Liaisons are required, under ESSA, to obtain professional development to assist them in improving “identification of homeless children and youths” and to “heighten the awareness of…specific needs in the education of homeless children and youths.” ESSA, Title IX, Part A, Sec. 9102(b)(5)

Montana’s State ESSA Plan further outlines the requirements for professional development for liaisons serving public school districts. All liaisons are required to complete three (3) hours of professional development on a yearly basis. Liaisons serving districts that have received a McKinney-Vento subgrant from the OPI are required to complete seven (7) hours of professional development on a yearly basis.

The OPI recommends that liaisons complete at least one (1) hour of training on topics specifically related to homelessness. The remaining hours may include topics that are related to the “specific needs” of homeless children and youths. Liaisons should keep copies of all renewal units or certificates of completion as these may be requested by the OPI during a monitoring or in the event of a dispute.

Districts may choose from a wide variety of professional development opportunities. However, the OPI recommends the training options below as these are provided at no cost and have been vetted by OPI staff as complying with the requirements of ESSA.

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