NEW!  "Student Vaping: Is It Impacting Your Teaching?"  Join us on April 29th, 2021 at 4 pm for a one-hour online training designed for teachers, administrators, counselors, and any interested school staff. Attendees will learn about new vaping products, youth vaping trends, and free prevention resources for schools.  Please join us and take part in an important conversation about how youth vaping is impacting Montana schools. Let’s learn from each other and talk about strategies to help our students stay tobacco free.  Participants will receive one OPI renewal unit. Submit questions or comments and Register here.


E-Cigarettes: An Overview of Key Issues  


Resources for Educators

 enlightenedNEW RESOURCES FOR SCHOOLSenlightened
Remote Learning Tobacco Prevention Education Resources for Schools
Covid-19 and Asthma Toolkit for Schools


Educator Training Resources:

Good Morning America Nov 2019 - Anti-Vape Peer Mentoring Works In Some Schools

Current Tobacco Trends and Impacts on Montana Youth - OPI Learning Hub

Educator Resource Page - Prevent Coalition THIS IS A GREAT RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS

E-Cigarettes Microlearning -  Video from the CDC and Tobacco Control Network for School Administrators/Educators

Reversing the Youth E-cigarette Epidemic - What Principals Need to Know - Tobacco Free Kids Webinar Recording


Curriculum Resources:

NEW Vaping: Know the Truth - from the Truth Initiative and Everfi - Digital curriculum for the classroom or remote learning  Overview  Educators from Montana school districts can register here.

Vaping Prevention: A FREE Self-Paced Online Course from Stanford University

CATCH My Breath - Youth E Cig Prevention - E-Cigarette Use Prevention lesson plans for grades 5-12

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit - Free resource with prevention lesson plans for all tobacco products 

Healthy Futures - Alternative to Suspension Curriculum from the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Vaping Prevention - Remote Learning Curriculum from Stanford Medicine

The Real Cost of Vaping - FDA and Scholastic: Lessons and Activities for Grades 6-8 and 9-12

Behind the Haze - A website for teens from Rescue Agency

E-cigarette Presentation for Youth - Powerpoint for classroom use from the CDC (Ages 11-18)

Get Smart About Tobacco Grades 3-5   Grades 6-7   Scholastic/CVS

The Rise of Vaping  - Video for youth from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

smokeSCREEN - A smoking and vaping prevention game from Yale Center for Health and Learning

Know the Risks - A virtual field trip from the Centers for Disease Control and Discovery Ed

Model Smoking Prevention Program - Let us know if you'd like a copy for your school. Montana Schools - Contact Kris Minard for MSPP

Is it worth it? - National Association of School Nurses Classroom Poster   Student Toolkit                                                                                             (Young Minds Inspired - All Resources)



More Electronic Cigarette Resources


Electronic Cigarette Prevention Media


Facts about Juul


Youth Resources for Quitting


Kris Minard, Program Specialist - Tobacco Use Prevention Education  406.444.0785